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  1. It's pretty cool ! We can accomplish mission in total IVA ! @snakeruOh, You will release this? it's very nice
  2. I think the best path is duplicate the stock part and edit iva and config. Thanks for explanation
  3. Hi ! With the "Science MAS update" we can create props to do science experience from the interior ?
  4. Thanks ! I gonna take a look on this Edit : I have never play with Bluedog. What is the difference between FASA and Bluedog ? It's possible but I think that will corrupt save because this need edit config of the part. Except I create a new part ?
  5. It's not a bad Idea Meanwhile, I believe that there is an iva for Apollo CM by MOARDV for Bluedog. You can check this if you want.
  6. Hi ! Sorry for the release times ! I have released the IVA Mk1-3 on Github If you have remark or advice ? Maybe I can try to improve this IVA or create another Thanks !
  7. The NoHUD version is available now on GitHub !
  8. Hi all ! Max-Ksp MAS IVA Pack 1.0 available now on GitHub ! Tomorrow, I added a version without HUD Thanks !
  9. Thanks for this tutorial ! You work on the apollo ship duo (RA-01 in wiki ? )
  10. Hi all ! I need help to dock with another vessel. I have radar, FDAI, ARRT, X-pointer. I don't find the vector of my relative speed with the target Really Thanks!
  11. This HUD is here to replace marks on the windows. Temporarily I will release 2 IVA, one with HUD and one without. I will try to create a custom texture with printed-on marks for the left window
  12. Hi all ! Thank you for the compliments ! I proceed to the final test. Release under approach Sorry,I have no idea of the impact on low performance computer Maybe yes but i can't promise it. Depends on my free time I agree with you. I think he was removed for final release Thanks
  13. Hi all ! I'm french sorry for my English First of all, thanks to : @alexustas for the "ASET Props Pack" @MOARdV for the " MOARdV's Avionics Systems (MAS)" @sarbian for "MechJeb" I work on IVA pack ( It is my first IVA ) include : M.E.M. IVA ( MK1-3 IVA ) Download : M.E.M. IVA It is an interior for Munar Excursion Module Other version : No Hud available on GitHub Mk1-3 IVA Dependencies : MOARdV's Avionics Systems here ASET props pack here MechJeb here How to install ? Drop the file "Max-Ksp IVA Pack" into your gamedata folder