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  1. funny, i tend to ignore the 1.8m because it gets messy integrating Universal storage with them, so that's great too
  2. if i may suggest, a part with your form factor that is similar to the feline rover life support module would be exactly what's needed. - about the parts splitting, i took a look at the cfg files for your parts (i'm an amateur, i don't really know what i'm doing), i noticed that the breaking force numbers were set to 50, while a lot of other parts from other mods had that number set much higher up to 9 times as much, would that cause the splits i'm describing ? again i'm no modder, i just sometimes read the cfg. sorry, didn't include this in the last reply (too sleepy) not a specific part, just the over all weight of the craft struck me as too heavy for it's size, i'll describe the plane i tired to build with your parts: cockpit with docking port, extra crew, cargo small, 2 cargo large, fuel tank, and the tail tank (the one with 3 points) , 3 vector engines, and the wings. very basic, i just felt 50t was a little too heavy for that.
  3. congrats on a wonderful project, everything looks so good, and the parts fit together nicely, great work! if this project gets complex (more parts) enough i might actually just stop using OPT space planes a couple of notes : --+-- on the current release there seems to be something wrong with the wings that wasn't there before (on the first release), seems like every time i try to launch (shuttle style) or takeoff (runway) the plane will split to pieces starting from the part connected to the wings, i tried replacing the wings with other wings and the problem goes away, I'm using 3 vector engines at the back. - are the parts supposed to be this heavy ? the smallest space plane i can make with your parts is roughly 50t , just about 20t shy of a similar MK3, was that a design decision ? - since i always play with either Kerbalism or MKS (i guess i'm not alone), i always need habitat space on my vessels, that and some kind of service module or recycler or configurable life support part to maintain crews for the duration of flight, it's pretty janky to use these life support parts with your current parts, it would be great if you could make something to address that (at some point), maybe a tri version of the universal storage bays? you know? the ones you grow or shorten depending on your needs, i mean the parts are already there from universal containers, i/we just need a frame for them. thanks a lot for reading, great project.
  4. looks like it's all good, no vab crashes so far, i tried repeating the steps that used to make me crash with 1.17, and all is good with 1.18. big Thanks
  5. thanks a bunch for the update, downloading and testing now. frankly there's nothing to be disappointed about, 1.17 had some really cool new parts with really cool animations, and it bugged out totally normal if you ask me best thing about 1.17 is that it didn't mess with our older KIS parts, so in reality our saves weren't hurt (thanks a lot! for that)
  6. Thanks man, for all your hard top notch work on Universal storage, and universal storage 2, it's not just an essential mod anymore, i build my KSP games around Universal storage 2. i can only say the same about 4 other mods :) *thumbs up* *bows* and all that, now just to be cheeky, any chance you might consider making a 5m section? :D
  7. I've noticed that I only crash when I select any of the new kis containers in vab/sph, I did assume it's because my game is heavily modded, and that I'm forced to use the previous MM for compatibility with some of my mods, One thing is sure though, these sudden crashes in the VAB only started happening when I installed the new KIS, Once I reverted KIS, I'm stopped having those crashes.