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  1. jooo itrieds it. i have now only the 4.1.3 version of module manager and there was some issue with firespitter. with an other version of firespitter it worked perfectly
  2. i found a error text which could help. I put it in my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2w5624luw5fblwu/AABY86qYTC2SfdkU73UYqa5-a?dl=0
  3. soooooooo i think i uploaded the log here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2w5624luw5fblwu/AABY86qYTC2SfdkU73UYqa5-a?dl=0 idk i think thats the log. i put %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Player.log in the search bar at the Task line in the Bottom left Corner and this was the file.
  4. sooo i was playing ksp normal and everything loaded. but one day i woke up startet it and the game stucked at the loading screen (with the yellow loading bar at the Bottom). And everytime i was trying to load it again it Always stopped at "NavUtilities/Props/prop/analogueHSI". i have many mods (20-30 idk) aand it Always worked and loaded. but this time it just stopped loading at this Point although it loaded perfectly the day before and i changed Nothing at the game in that time (no mods removed, installed or changed, Nothing updated. its just stuck at that Point. what can i do? i also tryied
  5. sooooo. no ckan, just downloaded it. i have many mods like 20 or 30 idk. Maybe toolbar Icon mod or clickthrough blocker make something since they make something with those Icons isk. and how do i make log files? or where do i find them? thank you
  6. Great mod which adds the profesional Kind of Docking to a space Station. I Need help. Pls help. So on my old Laptop the mod worked perfectly with the Icon and screen and so on. Now i have the latest version on my new pc andit works partly: i can rename Docking ports and set them as target and so on but the Icon to open the Docking screen (the one on the Right Hand side u know what i mean) is not there anymore. idk Maybe something with the Version or smt idk. Pls help. Or Maybe a new update or smt. i just cant open the indicator screen because the Icon disappeared.
  7. *UPDATE* Without Kopernikus they work again. I didn't used Kopernikus so.
  8. The status of the panels is "aligned to the sun" (not broken) and I use Kopernikus but Kopernikus also doesn't work. When I delete Kopernikus will the panels work than?
  9. The solar panels that I use don't work. The ox-stat, ox-4w(both the 2×3 & 1×6), ox-stat-xl don't produce electric charge even when the sun is pointing directly on them. They track the sun. The only solar array that works is the biggest one (Gigantor xl solar array).
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