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  1. i found a error text which could help. I put it in my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2w5624luw5fblwu/AABY86qYTC2SfdkU73UYqa5-a?dl=0
  2. soooooooo i think i uploaded the log here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2w5624luw5fblwu/AABY86qYTC2SfdkU73UYqa5-a?dl=0 idk i think thats the log. i put %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Player.log in the search bar at the Task line in the Bottom left Corner and this was the file.
  3. sooo i was playing ksp normal and everything loaded. but one day i woke up startet it and the game stucked at the loading screen (with the yellow loading bar at the Bottom). And everytime i was trying to load it again it Always stopped at "NavUtilities/Props/prop/analogueHSI". i have many mods (20-30 idk) aand it Always worked and loaded. but this time it just stopped loading at this Point although it loaded perfectly the day before and i changed Nothing at the game in that time (no mods removed, installed or changed, Nothing updated. its just stuck at that Point. what can i do? i also tryied to start the game without some mods and then with a older Version of the mod but still the same. you know like i Play ksp and everything works. then you end ksp turn off your pc, Sleep, wake up and then it wont load tho it was Right the day before. pls help thank you
  4. sooooo. no ckan, just downloaded it. i have many mods like 20 or 30 idk. Maybe toolbar Icon mod or clickthrough blocker make something since they make something with those Icons isk. and how do i make log files? or where do i find them? thank you
  5. Great mod which adds the profesional Kind of Docking to a space Station. I Need help. Pls help. So on my old Laptop the mod worked perfectly with the Icon and screen and so on. Now i have the latest version on my new pc andit works partly: i can rename Docking ports and set them as target and so on but the Icon to open the Docking screen (the one on the Right Hand side u know what i mean) is not there anymore. idk Maybe something with the Version or smt idk. Pls help. Or Maybe a new update or smt. i just cant open the indicator screen because the Icon disappeared.
  6. *UPDATE* Without Kopernikus they work again. I didn't used Kopernikus so.
  7. The status of the panels is "aligned to the sun" (not broken) and I use Kopernikus but Kopernikus also doesn't work. When I delete Kopernikus will the panels work than?
  8. The solar panels that I use don't work. The ox-stat, ox-4w(both the 2×3 & 1×6), ox-stat-xl don't produce electric charge even when the sun is pointing directly on them. They track the sun. The only solar array that works is the biggest one (Gigantor xl solar array).