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  1. I can't connect the Plugs! I can plug them in but I can't connect then even tho I use an engeneer and the Screwdriver is equipted. Please help me! Thank's Björn Kerman
  2. We at Kerbaltec Solutins think, the is the substance every Kerbal is made from, only that it has lost or never gained the kabability to form to a Kerbal.
  3. We could finaly add working dragon wings to the Starship.
  4. Hey @IgorZ I would like to do a german translation if you would be so kind and readd the harpoons and so on in the next update. Signed: long time KAS user Bjoern Schnabel
  5. I installed the mod on PC KSP version 1.6 but it doesn't do anny of the special things like habtime or kerbal breeding, i also don't have anny toolbar icon. I can use the parts but they don't do annything. Am I missing anny depencys or annything else?
  6. This Can't be correct, I'm Not using VSR and Kerbalism doesn't work in my game too
  7. No, i think, it hapens every time Kerbalism refreshes its data.
  8. I found an weird Bug: my vessels sometimes loose EC sudently even if they have an bunch of solarpanels directly pointing at the sun since the last update. This causes my kerbals to be in serious trouble. The comlink status isn't corect too but this doesn't have anny effect on the gameplay.