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  1. Yeah im trying to play with the cfg file to try and figure it out myself
  2. Honestly i love this. But is there any way you could make another version of it in white and make it so its like a cockpit? So i can make it like the "bridge" of a much larger space craft? I love the style of it and would love to make it as the bridge for a huge craft i have been thinking about. Also could you and i know im asking for a lot im just not talented as you are with this stuff. But could you also separate the vtol pads so they could be used on other craft? If not i understand. I just like to have tons of parts you would probably be in disgust of how many parts packs i have installed it takes like 20 min for my ksp to load up, lol. If not thats ok was just hoping you could. Thank you (ps ill double check you havent already done what i asked, lol. By like looking at the other stuff you have made) Thank you so very much you are a champ and a legend, Magos Mechanicus of Duna
  3. I sincerely apologize if i mislead you. im in no way affiliated with that youtube channel im just a subscriber. But you are very welcome i think it was amazing and great work once again. i am actually going to look for it again to see if its out for 1.6.1 lol
  4. Dude thank you for creating this. This is a answer from heaven for me. And my goodness you also made a good looking model for it. I found out about it because of Kottabos Games doing a video on it on youtube. And i was so lucky i even figured out how to get the 1.5.1. Version because there hasnt been enough updated mods yet for 1.6.0. But thank you so much. I would have been happy with a base model being remade but man i really appreciate the time and work you put into it. As soon as i get paid im going to send you a little something for your work. I literally created a account on this site to thank you. So... Thank you again, Magos Mechanicus Kabrex KottabosGames •