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  1. I might try it out if you allow visual mods/KER. I might just do something similar for fun and post it here because I can. If I do I'll probably go SpaceK or Roskosmos. Probably only go Roskosmos if only do it for fun. Also won't be able to be in by deadline probably so it'll most likely end up just being for fun.
  2. Once I get my PC up and running, I'm totally going to try this out.
  3. Hey, I've installed Better Time Warp and I was wondering how to set this up. Can you give me instructions or something? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to make more Glykerol, thanks.
  5. Do mods sync between people on a server? A friend and I are wondering if we have to do that another way or we can get LMP to do it for us. Thanks.
  6. Is it just me, or are the images not loading? I saw this thread a while ago and came back to look at the scheme and the images aren't loading anymore.
  7. I have another question; can me and a friend build a craft at the same time?
  8. I have a question, is it possible for me and a friend to have a space race in science mode where we try to unlock x technology first or travel to planet y before the other person can? It would be great if you could respond.
  9. Here is my todo list so far: Complete a mission similar to every Real Life Mission on the KSP Wiki. Return at least three Kerbals from multiple biomes on every celestial body. Build a base on every celestial body. Have a station orbiting above every base in synchronous orbit. Visit the Mohole. Visit the Dres Canyon. Land on Eve's oceans and return safely. Do a grand tour and visit every one of my stations and bases.
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