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  1. i feel this so much, thankfully i haven't visited every body yet but when i do i think it'll be worse for me as far as the thread goes: gravity assists, i seem to do everything right but sometimes it seems like they only work when they want to work
  2. GREAT suggestion btw, this is very user friendly
  3. Of course, I'm already past this point though. I've downloaded it and have some files but this is more of a photo editing issue, I don't really know how to mesh the images onto another image. I was looking for someone more savvy in that area
  4. Hi I have built something I am personally impressed by and I've seen a few players created these complex blueprints via photoshop but unfortunately i'm not able to get photoshop at this particular moment. I am, however, using GIMP and I know I can achieve this but I'm having problems with how to layer images onto a blueprint background. I realize this is probably the wrong section but I had no idea where else to post it. Any/all tips would be appreciated!!
  5. looks nice! im also kind of a minimalist, i just like the configuration of the craft i posted it's straight forward enough. what's the range on that thing btw?
  6. been playing for almost two years and just found out that you have to hold alt before you place a docking port in a cargo bay so it locks it in
  7. now that im looking at this it does kinda check out lol
  8. From my eve ordeal to you guys always responding to my novice questions and just helping me with any problem I come across, I really wanted to thank all of you. I probably would have just gave up in frustration without all the help. Of course the main goal is to have fun but a challenge is something I always look for. Okay that's the point of this thread and I think a lot of new comers can agree. Okay happy landings n all that
  9. i use rigid attachment and given the weight of this thing even when on empty... i can actually totally see how that complicates things so this makes a lot of sense tbh you can only be so creative with the stock parts so i dont worry about it too much, also i don't mind what people use because crafts like these take so much patience to fly let alone do the complex missions it has to do I want to thank everyone who submitted an answer, there was some helpful stuff in here and it'll help me in the future! Ultimately I think it's deceptively heavy even though it seems fairly short so I can't afford to just flop her down on the runway. It actually made me like the game more knowing that I had to relearn how to land something, it's nice to change things up. Anyways thanks guys!
  10. keyboard mouse, tried it both ways. still explodes when near empty unless i land it perfectly I do this with every craft you would think, again, i thought that was what the mk.3 gear was for
  11. i still dont understand it because ive seen people land craft that were WAY bigger than this and even on rough landings they dont explode, basically with this i have to land just right or i WILL explode. maybe im just more used to smaller craft but i'm still puzzled that even after i put two more sets of landing gear i still had to make a near perfect landing to keep everything intact
  12. trying very hard to make the concept as original as possible but at this point i dont even care if it looks like a copy, i just wanna be able to fly this thing properly lmaooo
  13. i think i need a set of landing gear for takeoff and another for landing... may be too heavy to land with only one set of gear
  14. this might actually be the best answer because that seems like what the root of the problem was, im too tired to test it now but i VERY much appreciate it
  15. everything about the landing seems like it should work, i've gotten it to as slow as 30 mps and it STILL breaks apart... (edit, idk why i can't upload the image but here's the link) https://imgur.com/ppEqOUK
  16. HMMMM, im torn. I know it's a very minor thing but at the same time im a "by the book" type of person so I will most likely go back and try a more efficient and qualifying approach
  17. @boolybooly sorry for doing this again but i just like shiny medals n junk
  18. This has been one of my long term goals and I'm just proud I was able to make it happen
  19. The vernor engine works one time but when i shut the rcs off it won't work again unless i quickload, the twitch just doesn't work at all for me
  20. Sorry! The commentary was kinda quiet so I redid it, video will be up soon!
  21. Well this has been a personal goal I've been trying to accomplish for about a year and i finally got it! Managed to get a lot of science along the way too!
  22. I would say try to reach every body solely in SSTOS, it's much more rewarding and i think they look prettier than rockets
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