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  1. Nvm. Question was about making scramjet work at higher altitudes than it does already. Which isn't possible due to how air pressure is calculated for the upper atmosphere.
  2. I just saw this. My GPU is a passively cooled radeon R5. Which has 2gb of vram but yeah lol.... It can just about run ksp on an absurdly low resolution. I think it could handle the reflections though. I also play with at a minimum RSS and FAR which probably doesn't help. If i want stock I play on ps4 Which does look a lot better but can't handle big crafts better than this pc. I only bought this pc last july to play ksp so I can't justify going full crazy on its specs yet. However the ps4 era is coming to its end and I don't plan on getting the ps5. So as the time passes by I'm slowly getting back into pc hardware ;d Thanks for that tip though! In the mean while I might look into getting some mods compatible with TURD. Can I use the original textures to generate the outlines for an RGB scheme? Or is that what I can use uv maps are for?
  3. @JPLRepo I too would be interested in a back up of older versions of the API! I've never really modded before and my game version is still on 1.7.3.
  4. I rely on b9 pwings for the majority of the time yeah! My biggest issue with stock aero was simply the way drag is calculated. I measured/calculated the wing values like this: Which is indeed not as aerodynamical but it might just work.
  5. Very informative! About the FAR limitation, I realised this, although it really means you can not model such a one piece wing very accurately, when I derived my values, it was essentially for a wing with a larger front section than the model is. If it wouldn't cause too much drag or heat during launch/reentry, I probably wouldn't be bothered by it. It shifts the aerodynamic center a bit forward, which could be a good thing. I won't disagree on the voxelization and performance heaviness. This mod shows some assymmetry in the left and right side of the cargo section. I never pay too much attention to voxelization though. So I can't compare how severe it is really. I do have quite a bit experience flying flight/combat sims and I always felt FAR was quite the upgrade compared to stock aerodynamics. Especially in terms of aerodynamic failures. I should also add that while I do have RO, I generally spend little time building rockets.
  6. I found this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Dynamics_F-16XL#NASA_testing And to quote a post on this forum: https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=841589 Perhaps the diagram I found is from a relatively early design
  7. Hi all! I'm currently working on RO config files for the awesome Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit made by @benjee10 I've derived values based on the wing parts of Benjee's mod but I found this picture: Now, in this picture under GEOMETRY, then sweep, it states the leading edge sweep and instead of the trailing edge sweep, it lists a value for a "wing glove". What is a wing glove lol? Google kinda fails me. Even more confusing, further down, under MAC, there is a DIHEDRAL value, for the trailing edge... I'm kinda trying to use this data itself or, at the very least, use it to see if I did my calculations correctly, I derived a MAC of 13m+-. This discrepancy is probably due to the rescaled model or my stiff blender measuring skills. Hence I'm considering using these values instead. Anyone who knows? Edit: It seems wing gloves are used for heat protection and in the case of the orbiter it seems to refer to the strake/front section of the delta wing. I assume I can't use these values properly then given FAR's trapezoid approximation. The aft section of the delta wing from this mod seems to have a slightly different angle.
  8. Hi! I have a (maybe) silly question lol. I'm trying to make the Shuttle Orbiter construction kit RO compatible. Because it's pretty darn close to the real thing and compatible with 1.7.3. Anyway, the wings in this mod don't support symmetry and rely on b9 part switch to change the orientation between left and right side wings and control surfaces. My question is: Would this screw with how FAR treats wings and control surfaces? EDIT: It doesn't seem to matter
  9. I will try this as soon as I can! And if I had syntax errors in those spoilers, its cause I wrote it from my phone Basically there is a part that uses b9 part switch, i want to keep that functionality and just slap a realfuels tank on it. Lol. Edit: it worked! Thank you guys!
  10. Hi! I have a question: Is it impossible to delete part of a b9 partswitch module? I can't seem to get it done without deleting and redefining the complete module. Example: This didn't work for me.
  11. Hey guys I got aware of this mod a few days ago and I really like to use it parts, but, I'm a realism geek, in terms of physics atleast, so I've been working on making this mod not only FAR but also Realism Overhaul compatible. I hope to do this for many airplane parts mods eventually because I love (space)planes a lot ;d Either way, I've a version of this mod now, the latest for 1.7.3. I renamed all the parts to follow this convention: TriCS_Aero*_Partname *or Command|Structural|Utility This allows easy patching for other mods! Which I have started with already, everything except the wings is FAR compatible now, I'm halfway with the realfuels part etc. I was really hoping someone else could pitch in and maybe derive the wing/control surface values, I'll gladly work it into the patches, i found something on the FAR wiki on it but I just found the explanation confusing lol. If someone else has a better explanation I'm all ears for that! Similarily, in order to make it Realism overhaul compatible, I was hoping someone could explain one and another about how to configure RCS thrusters, I've had working thrusters but no visible plumes with past attempts on other mods. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And if anyone is interested in what I have already I'd gladly share it with you too. I do not know the author and I'm not aware if he is working on the mod atm, my intention is not to change anything, merely make it accessible for other mods and playstyles. I did check its license and it should not prohibit me from doing so. When it is finished the author can also choose to update ckan with this version if he wishes to.
  12. Ahh yes, that is kinda what I ment. There are patches(config/cfg files) but no "actual copy of tweakscale" itself was present within the RO directory. Tweakscale is also not listed as a recommended mod on ckan. Good to know it'll be fixed soon though!
  13. I did but there wasn't! only config files for tweakscale. This happened for me on a fresh ckan installation aswell. I first thought I messed something up as I managed the mods. So I took my clean unmodded back up and went from there. So I was fairly certain it was a rogue patch at one point thank you though! @Azic Minar Edit: The hotfix Lisias shared fixed it for me by the way.
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