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  1. I have encountered a possible bug/issue with robotics and a lack of power when one of my base modules in physics range (mun base) runs out of power. Every piece of robotics goes into slowmo when adjusting traverse rates and/or target angles -- by which I mean the animation is very, very slow and jerky - and the game misses some of the animation(s). The game sort of slows down - although that might just have been my PC and not the game. I resolved the issue by moving a few of the modules (those that have wheels due to a contract) to an orientation where they were able to get direct su
  2. To try and work out which mod is causing my issue I've backed up all my mods - then deleted the whole lot and am reinstalling each one seperately - playing for a bit to see if the problem reoccurs or not. Will keep you posted.
  3. I'll get rid of the mod and re-run the game to check.. I mentioned this mod in my previous post. UPDATE: I deleted CustomBarnKit and Hangar Extender and the problem/issue is still present in the game.
  4. It happens to every craft I create eventually or on a duplicate of a launched ship. I am on Steam although I run it via CKAN's launch KSP button. As for the save games I never get far enough to loose a great deal of progress as this happens to me very early on most game starts - on the odd occassion that I do manage to get a satellite launched it happens just shortly thereafter. I've deleted and reinstalled the mods after replacing the original game files through Steam's file integrity checker thingy. Mods, in no particular order: ModuleManager, AblativeAirbrake, AlternateR
  5. It's a shame that most of the information on the OP is out of date. Is there anyone who's a lot more experienced at KSP than I willing to replicate/update this? Btw, I'm a total NEWB when it comes to KSP!
  6. KSP 1.6 I searched around a bit and couldn't find anything related to this bug. Basically, when I'm in the VAB and I'm ready to do a launch (for testing purposes) I click the Save icon and then Launch icon and 8 out 10 times nothing happens. The game still runs as seen by the wee Kerbals running about doing their jobs and the vehicles doing their rounds... But for some reason I can't leave the VAB. Sometimes this bug happens out on the main screen too.. it doesn't allow me to enter any buildings - for example, when I click on R&D the game says that this building is closed. Pressi
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