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  1. Dear AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures Which mod would you suggest I use to reach those planets then? Something basic, not as complicated as Interstellar. Will something like Atomic Age suffice? Haven't used it, but heard about it.
  2. Hi all! So, I can install both Extrasolar and Outer Planets? Will stock vehicles be able to reach these planets - I've only played stock with a few visual mods so far, don't know all the other gameplay mods. Regards!
  3. Hi all! Which are the suggested, additional, planet pack(s) I can use with OPM to make the system as vast as possible? Never tried any planet packs (always play stock system) and want to install a combination of planets to try. Or, do you suggest first playing with OPM only. Excluding the dependencies, are there any other mods I should use with these packs, i.e: will I be able to reach these planets with stock vehicles? I've never tried other mods except the usual visual mods, Kerbal Engineer and Alarm Clock. Kind regards.
  4. Okay, it was trying to surface attach, so I used the ALT key and it did attach. But now, when testing it, there is no decouple option when right-clicking on the ports. CRAFT FILE: https://mega.nz/#!FQxgUKgL!sVqKOj8w48vXuNPqTUZPrSvWjSeWxfF-D7g5gKU6uiM If anyone would mind looking at it, and explaining what I did wrong, I will be very grateful. EDIT: Got it to work - thing was, when holding the ALT Key to attach it to the port, it attached 'too deep' to the port. So, I had to pull it a bit back with the mouse while still holding the ALT key.
  5. I made a rover delivery system and have a rover as sub-assembly - the root part of the rover is a docking port (jr), but when I want to attach the rover by its port to a specific port on the craft in the VAB it just floats around the port when I want to attach it. It does not "snap on" as it should. Help please! https://imgur.com/a/UG1kOmK