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  1. Hi, Whenever I spawn a ship with vessel mover and then go back to my probe (a missile with a missile core, the pilot AI module and a probe core for good measure), I can't control the missile anymore. Is this a documented bug/issue?
  2. I doubt clipping would work in this specific case (except if the only goal is to add mass) because I'm using FAR. Basically FAR approximates the shape of the aircraft using voxels, calculating the resulting lift and drag based on the exposed shape of the geometry, its curvature, etc. Stock geometry assumes that each part has its own performance and as far as I know adds them all up. Sometimes, clipping can be used as an exploit to get more or less drag resulting in some weird contraptions. You don't really get that with FAR. By the way, said voxels seem to be calculated once and for all,
  3. Okay I think I've got something: It's not perfect but the rear landing gear doesn't bounce off straight off the bat. What worries me is the distance required to stop the aircraft altogether. It takes almost the entire runway for it to come to a still. I have only one option at this point, which is to find a way to decrease stall speed without tinkering too much with the aircraft's design: this is a re-creation so it needs to be esthetically faithful to the original model while keeping sideslip/pitching/yaw stability (which I worked way too much to get).
  4. I'm aware of this ground effect mod, but it didn't exist back in the day, or at least not when Paolo Incarnation devised his adjustable landing gears, so I think he managed to get his smooth landing either with stock aerodynamics or with FAR, or simply because the collision model for these new landing gears was much better than Unity's. I find that placing wheels right beneath the CoM should work best to get the same result, because if the CoM and the contact point between the wheels and the ground aren't vertically aligned with each other, the weight of the aircraft creates torque around the
  5. I did two other tests. I used the same aircraft as the one I shared on KerbalX for reproductibility reasons (even though one engine flames out which causes the aircraft to veer at the start) but this time tested it using a fully-stock game: I deleted all mods and dependencies in another instance of the game using Ckan. The aircraft wobbles a little bit during the braking phase but manages to travel the entire distance without tumbling sideways. Again, braking is not very powerful when rear landing gears are set to 95% strength and it takes quite a long distance for the plane to come to a
  6. @vv3k70r That's a very insightful answer! I have been using flaps until recently to provide more lift during descent but I've never tested them as a braking apparatus on the runway (after touchdown). What's really been bugging me these past few weeks is that I can't make my aircraft nose up after touching down on the rear landing gears so as to generate more drag in an attempt to significantly dissipate kinetic energy before the front wheels can touch the ground. You know, that's how landing is usually performed in real life. Modelling aerodynamics with FAR is great for such thi
  7. Haha thanks for this very in-depth performance review but I just wanted to test braking distance which is why I never bothered to make the airplane flyable. This serves as a mockup for three other serious (means flyable) aircraft I'm working on at the moment. My only priority here was to build this testbench so it reaches a velocity of roughly 100 m/s close to the mid section of the runway so I can verify whether or not it manages to stop before the end of the runway. That's what I'm going for. But you're right, the intakes are too small which is not ideal for speed buildup. I was jus
  8. Sure! Here it is: https://kerbalx.com/Kerburettor/test_braking FAR is listed in the mods required to run this thing but I think you can safely disregard that.
  9. @fourfa I tried what was suggested by both of you, to no avail. Well, it does look like the aircraft doesn't decelerate that much as long as it remains stable, but having a high amount of friction on the front gear causes oversteer even when friction is more pronounced on the rear landing gears:
  10. @Caerfinon : Will test what you suggest. It makes sense that more friction on the front landing gear will help dissipate more energy. Until now, I was a bit reluctant to do so because my aircraft tend to engage in side to side oscillations during take off.
  11. Hi, I'm working on a plane and want to adjust braking strength so it stops before the end of the runway, but not too abruptly since this locks up the rear wheels, tends to cause sideslip which usually ends with a rapid unplanned disassembly. However, I noticed that anything short of 100% braking strength (including 95%) is not sufficient: the plane is stable upon landing but continues to ride along the runway until it just runs out of braking distance. If I suddenly set braking strength to 100% though, the rear wheels lock up instantly and if my speed is roughly south of 80 m/s without an
  12. How good! I tried to implement something real quick yesterday but got no sound nor fx showing, this will help me heaps! Thanks
  13. Hi @Nertea and @HB Stratos, I saw that you had been trying to get the Panther effects to work and apparently you managed to have them showing in game. Could you guide me through the process? I'm trying to get stuck in but lots of things in the config files don't really make sense to me (I'm a complete noob). First of all, should I create a cfg file in the "GameData>WaterfallRestock>Patches>Squad"? How do I get the engineID? How did you solve the issue regarding switching engine modes? In summary, how do I get started? I tried to read the wiki but the sections regarding creat
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