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  1. Install the mod correctly as indicated but when entering I find that I have no propulsion system to assemble a rocket, the game I have it clean without mods except for the Real Solar System, any help?
  2. The mod worked perfectly but the problem is that now I need rockets of many stages and bigger to make them reach a maneuver and that is almost perfect, this makes it difficult for the missions, I wanted to know if it is normal or if I I have skipped some mod to download
  3. Ok thank you very much, I thought it was only for one version, so I'm going to install it to see if it works, thank you very much
  4. Existe alguna posibilidad de que actualiazen el mod RSS Remastered para 1.5? Y si no es así quisiera saber porque el RSS original fue abandonado para las ultimas versiones... como casi todos los mods