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  1. Nothing is blocked by Windows, i disabled the Defender temporary, checked all local files via Steam and re-installed B9PW via CKAN, booted to KSP and still not working, the new log: log But i think, i have the same problem. Maybe i should start KSP.exe via Steam, not from folder?
  2. Stock system isn't aerodynamic at all, just stupid multiplication of drag values. It is quite hard to build a REALLY FLYING plane with FAR but it will be very realistic. FPS will not be affected much, if you have more than 40-50 then don't worry. It is all loading the processor, if your CPU is good in single-core, then no problem
  3. I have official licensed KSP and installed latest fully compatible FAR via CKAN, but it shows no graphs and the icon is black. It shows the curves in trans-sonic simulation but still no stability data. What am i doing wrong? without pressure and cross-section curves with curves log
  4. Hello people, how do you play with FAR since official KSP became 64-bit only? I have heard that FAR works only on 32-bit versions. My CKAN FAR for 1.6.1 64-bit doesn't want to work with this version (no proper CoA, no data about aerodynamics, nothing!), and i cannot launch the 32-bit version because there isn't such one. Please help me, which screenshots/logs shall i upload?
  5. Thank you very much for supporting me, another important detail: i do not have the B9 button. Neither in bottom right nor anywhere else. The icon in B9 folder is present, but isn't shown in the game.
  6. No, it doesn't work from a clear new install, B9PW is the only installed mod. Maybe i should run a 32-bit not 64-bit version? Can it cause instability?
  7. Thanks, i'll try. Module Manager and CKAN see no errors/warnings, but i'll do it and reply whether it works directly from stock or not.
  8. Hi and nice day to everyone, has anyone tried using PWings on 1.6.1? The latest "1.6.1 compatible" version from CKAN just doesn't react to J button. Maybe some different mods for making procedural wings? Need them badly for my new SSTO. Maybe i am doing something wrong?
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