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  1. That's a bold wager. SLS has total and actual flight hardware, you can count any rocket first flight as a "test" so you'd be better off labeling it as a prototype. Starhopper is merely a water tank with a nosecone being built not by SpaceX but by steel contractors. As we know of it right now, there's no indication that Starhopper is actual flight hardware except Raptor.
  2. There are many pros and cons about Gateway, but I myself think that it's a great platform for future orbital and lunar missions. Gateway can serve as a "pitstop" in space, whether it be for more fuel or to stay. With the addition of commercial companies assembling Gateway themselves, it also can prove for durability and performance of these commercial companies. Trusting Maxar to build the PPE or trusting companies to provide landers will all help commercial companies thrive and excel their knowledge of how to build a great spacecraft.
  3. 100% something for my own Munar Gateway. Something like two Canadarms, as well as an ability for deployable surface experiments. I'll take a shot at deploying a rover using a hinge that opens a panel, letting the rover get out of there. Sounds absurd. It's going to work!
  4. FAR Continued seems way less like FAR versions developed by Ferram himself. I've been finding ascent profiles much easier and far more similar to that of stock aerodynamics in 1.6.1 RSS/RO, even with AV551 flying at any desired ascent profile compared to the strict flight profile it has to fly today. What were the changes to FAR?
  5. (RSS-RO) A bit of a new thing MAEO (Mars Atmospheric Evolution Orbiter) launches on an Atlas V 421 on March 30, 2001. Reached Mars orbit on December 15, 2001. First Mars orbit!
  6. Will your mod have real attach points on the side of sides of the Shuttle in the cargo bay, such as passive/active decouplers which can rotate payloads?
  7. When I install the RO 1.3.1 Shuttle, the OMS pods, the Ku-Band antenna and the elevons are all 2x the size of what they should be, meaning that they fit on disproportionate to the whole craft as they seem oversized. Is there a fix?
  8. More like good news! What is KSPe, by the way? That could be the sole reason UbioWelding did not work.
  9. Log file
  10. Hi! Using 1.4.5 RO/RSS. Weldjng Button doesn't seem to show up on either toolbar using your fork. I installed into PluginData and GameData. Any fix?
  11. I'm using RSS/RO mod. For the ship and launcher, I use Kartoffelkuchen's Launchers Pack, and a not published texture mod for KK launchers.
  12. Been a while since I first got to orbit! Since January 12, I've made 23 droneship landings, 18 RTLS landings and 14 expendable F9 launches.
  13. F First successful launch in Realism Overhaul! I've tried boosting back and attempting hoverslams with landing legs and grid fins, but I need to work on that a bit more. Otherwise, It was pretty good!