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  1. can someone explain to me why this rover isnt moving? I thought I tested it on kerbin and it was fine but that may have been a couple versions before this one.
  2. @peteletroll, that will prob do the trick but for others - the answer to my question was a malformed number caused the part to vanish. I had too many digits. In addition, my values were not at center but they work once I truncated a couple decimal values.
  3. Trying to update the large truss but not getting something right. The idea is to add the ability to attach a node to the middle of the truss, not just its ends. I added a file: DansMod.cfg which looks like this but I get a missing part error when trying to load: @PART[trussPiece3x] { node_stack_front = 0.1287344‬, 0.737619, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1 node_stack_back = -0.1287344‬, -0.737619, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 1 }
  4. Thanks @EveMaster and @Brikoleur. I ended up moving on b/c I wanted to complete other missions. In the future, I'll create something that can hover and snag. This mission is darn near impossible, however. IF you get in physics range, the ship starts rolling down the hill. It wont stop till it blows up. If you turn on cheats and prevent it's destruction, it rolls into a V shaped crevice. I had the kerbal up against the ship as it got stuck in a loop, constantly rolling and bouncing off the kerbal, rendering the kerbal impossible to move. I'm happily enjoying other contracts at this point and trying to obtain some sort of ability
  5. The thing is, it's on such a severe hill that there would be no way to roll up to it. I cant imagine the contract being done this way on purpose. I do like the idea of the robo-hand. Yes, I do have both expansions.
  6. lol a cheat to deal with a bug is an acceptable work-around to me!! outside of using Kis/Kas, how do i pick it up?
  7. I have a mission where I have to rescue a Kerbal on the mun and return their scrap back to Kerbin. As I descend, I see the kerbal and the remainder of his ship on a very very steep slope inside a crater. The problem is, the scrap is rolling down the wall of the crater and explodes. Is there a way around this?
  8. Once in a while, there seems to be a haze instead of beautiful clear graphics. Any idea what is causing this? Scatterer going nuts? Here's an example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1826073959
  9. Hi Everyone, I have the Klockheed Shuttle mod installed I know it's old but how do the sparklers work?
  10. tethers have a very important use: It would allow you to secure the needed amount of kerbals for moving/attaching objects which have more than the maximum amount of mass that a single kerbal can lift.
  11. I have a couple ships docked via KAS telscopic pole. They were working fine last night but when I load up the save game today, the ship exploads violently within a few seconds of loading. I notice file not found and null object ref. errors in the console. I've attached the console output as it blew up to see if any devs know what this is about. PS, I'm a c# developer and would love to know what this is https://www.dropbox.com/s/584pc0uz97as8wo/myshipblowingup.png?dl=0
  12. seems to be something with windows 10 via bootcamp. When using my mouse it works fine but when using my touch pad (macbook pro), it usually doesnt work.
  13. this is exactly what I did. When holding down the G key with the mouse hovering over the container, it turns green. But holding down the mouse pad does nothing. I can drag tools around but not the box itself for some reason. Even restarted the game.
  14. I'm having a similar problem. In orbit, I have the backpack floating next to my engineer. I can xfer items from the backpack inventory to the engineer's inventory, but when I try to grab (using H) the backpack and put it in the engineer's inventory, nothing happens. The SC-62 turns green when using the G key but once I drag the hand over the inventory items of the kerbal, it doesnt show up.
  15. Cant revert b/c I saved it on the pad and went back to that save game at some point.