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  1. I have a Class I asteroid that I discovered. After establishing an orbit to intersect I saved the game. I have reloaded that save several times docking my station with the asteroid. The mass of it has been any where fro 72k to 7.6 million tons. Such a huge range makes it next to impossible to properly build a rocket to capture it into a stable orbit.
  2. so no hope for a 1.12.3 update then I take it....darn. Would really love to see the USI support as well, playing around with warp drive.
  3. I have updated everything on my system, windows and video drivers. I am running an MSI creator motherboard with a 24 core thread ripper cpu and 64 gigs of ram, the only thing that is old is the video card but it's a GTX 1080 with 8 gig of ram so it's plenty for KSP. I am using a stock rover that I removed the wheels from so it will just sit on the runway, surprisingly, it doesn't slide. I get Bill out and drop an anchor on the runway and it immediately starts sliding off.
  4. I am having a major problem with EVERYTHING sliding in my game. I am trying to play around with the ground anchors, I can't get them stable long enough to anchor down. I am trying right outside the KSC on and off the runway. I even placed one down and stood on top of it. The anchor slid out from under me. I stood in front of it, it set there bouncing in place. I am trying this with a fresh install of KSP, no mods added, and it's still sliding. I placed a flag in front of it like seeing on a video, it just pushes the flag. I launch a plane and put the brakes on, the plane eventually slides off the runway. I know there is a problem on planets, but on the KSC runway??? Why is that not perfectly level??? Things should not slide sitting there on the runway....
  5. Great patch, couple small problems, well one pretty major and one small problem. The field construction stuff needs a lot of work. You grab a part from a ship and the whole thing goes flying off into space or just explodes. I have a rover that I put parts on temporarily to transport them, now I can't detach any of them, if I try I get rover RUD. Also when you are in space floating around and you try to adjust something parts of it lock in place and parts continue to move so it's nearly impossible to adjust the position. When you click the widget to adjust it the whole screen should freeze in place. 2. The lights don't keep the color settings. yeah, I am having the same issue
  6. The Kerbin contract was fine, the rest are not working correctly. I completed Kerbin's network then I got contracts for the Mun and Minmus. Both of those contracts have the first set of sats going to 0 LAN for sat 1 and 60 LAN for sat 2 & 3. The rest of the orbits all share the same LAN for the set of 3. And why is the Minmus orbit only 60k? Isn't that rather close? Edit: I fixed the LAN on the Minmus mission with KML. I wanted to change the orbit but couldn't find it. The first set completed as soon as I hit the orbit with the mothership but at least it allowed me to finish the mission.
  7. Aren't there ways to put a requirement in there so if you don't have certain parts/mods then that contract won't ever show up? I know there is for parts, contracts should be the same way. But since I have this bug I can't complete is there a way to get rid of it without taking the hit?
  8. They are in WBI folder somewhere, I read the quest info for the adaption contract in one of the config files before I posted here looking for help. I just don't understand why it can't list the actual part name that I need to use. I use all of the USI stuff and KIS/KAS for all of my construction, don't really want to clutter it up with launchpads.
  9. Research long term cryogenic storage preliminary study at dres Research space adaption study at duna The only WBI mods I am using is what I downloaded from here, wbi tools and buffalo, as far as I know, what other mods are there?
  10. I have 2 contracts in WBIResearchContract that say to transport a science experiment to a planet but they give no information on what part I need to take. How am I supposed to complete these contracts? (check experiment for details), what experiment?
  11. I keep running into contracts that say "transport the science experiment" but they don't say what I need to transfer to the planet. I have one now WBIResearchContract - Research Space Adaption Study at Duna. In the objectives it says transport experiment to Duna: incomplete and satisfy all experiment conditions(check experiment for details).....what experiment??? Is there somewhere I can see more info so I know what the heck I am supposed to transport?
  12. Isn't that what you are doing when you download the mod in the first place?
  13. yes, I have the tubes attached to the module but I am not getting a link option to drag the tube when I right click them.
  14. How do you get the FlexOTubes to connect? I can't seam to get it to drag the tube to the next node.
  15. The Addons & Mods link in the main menu of the game takes you to a dead link. You should point this to a redirect page that you control so you can update the redirect page easily without requiring a game update. Game links shouldn't ever go directly to 3rd party sites.
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