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  1. Issue appears to be resolved in the 1.7.2 update.
  2. Thanks, however while I have already found the mod to add on to my game I was more curious about @tg626's craft file for this particular design of Skylab. I'm looking to try to build a similar replica in stock KSP with Making History using the science lab as the base. My ultimate goal is to try to build it as close to the original with no part mods and have the Apollo Telescope Mount swing down without having to use docking port, a probe and RCS thrusters. I would like it as one unit when launched and have it on a hinge type system. I'm intrigued by the design in the screenshot.
  3. @tg626 I know the chances are slim being that this is almost 4 and a 1/2 years old but is there anyway you have a craft file for this? I'm not noticing many people that have created stock replicas of Skylab and I'm interested in building one myself so I need ideas of how they were constructed.
  4. Hello @linuxgurugamer Absolutely love your mods! Is there anyway with the NASA Countdown Clock to allow longer than 60 seconds. For example if I want to do a 5 minute countdown (300 seconds) that it can be done? I have tried sequentially naming the files from 300 to 0 and have found when I start the clock it shows the second as blank but does not set the minutes. Also, one other request I would like to have. Can you please add an event that can be toggled on and off for polling. For example if turned on play sound file called "poll.ogg" or "polling.ogg" when you click "Launch". After the sound file plays pick up the count with the timer sound files? Thanks in advance!