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  1. 130 meters per sec...still pretty sweet, and with a craft as good looking as that, I say release it pls
  2. Well today I continued developing the Rocketry Branch of my Tech Tree mod, however I ran into a problem: the stock tech tree is to cramped for my tech tree. So I thought I might use CTT but it is just some more loading time for just one node, so I decided to take the unused "Nanolathing" node and move it to the position I wanted it to be in... EDIT: Does this actually count as doing something in KSP?¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Basicly the title I want to delete a section of a cfg using a mm patch, how can I do it?
  4. @Neoks you'll need to go in Gamedata/Squad/Parts/Engine/ionEngine/ionEngine.cfg then you need to find maxThrust = and change the value therebut remember to back up the .cfg before you edit Or you could downlaod Module manager And write @PART[ionEngine] { @maxThrust = x } X= the thrust you want I would recommend the Module Manager solution more
  5. Today I've started testing the balance of the first level nodes of my tech tree mod Coming Soon™
  6. Well you should get fairings earlier...
  7. PbC means probes before crew I meant that ksp 2's tech tree should be PbC
  8. No he's saying that he doesn't hate every fantasy franchise the he says he's never seen a Hollywood version he doesn't detest. Not all fantasy franchises are Hollywood my friend
  9. a little example of quality and optimized unity game: https://www.thelongdark.com/
  10. I completely agree with this, @ronson49 could you pls answer? Also you've been saying that Unity is for your gran since the start of this discussion...time to renew your humor a bit
  11. Hey I've been making SSTO's to: My first one: the Badger-0 The main problem with my SSTO's are that they are very back heavy: For my second flight a decided to go to Minmus with a new SSTO the Badger-1: