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  1. The definition of wasted development time... Exactly, so why did you propose this idea in the first place? Also, that "only to us" thingy assumes you guys have some sort of merit coming from the fact you brought the game.
  2. So there are two question in this thread : the first one being the OP's question "I' m a KSP1 early adopter will I get KSP2 for free?" and the second one being "Should KSP1 early adopter's get KSP2 for free?" I will attempt to answer each in turn: So as answer to the first question, I should say no, as no statements have been issued to this effect and that Star Theory is a different entity to Squad. As for the second the answer is longer: Firstly we must define what the transaction in place for KSP1 is, as the OP seems to want to replicate this system for KSP2 : even if at fi
  3. Basic MM patching here: @PART[sepMotor1] { CoMOffset = x,y,z ///What this does is add a new variable to the part cfg to overwrite the CoM pos, since normally COM is coded in the model } This should work if you replace x,y,z with the coordinates of the new CoM.
  4. Everyone. Nuff said.
  5. Combo: my age + the best country in the world...
  6. Gas-III : 416 meters/sec Also: A yet un-flown prototype of the Gas-IV...
  7. I agree with @shdwlrd I think that's an ion engine glow: And the large sphere resembles pre-Mariner shots of Venus. So it could be an Ion powered ship going towards some sort dense atmosphered planet IMHO
  8. Well there is this: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/cyqoym/biggest_takeaway_from_the_paxwest_video_viewing/
  9. Well people have done Mun arch arch stations before... However I have to remind you the forums rules : if you want to make this a challenge you have to prove it is possible...
  10. 130 meters per sec...still pretty sweet, and with a craft as good looking as that, I say release it pls
  11. Well today I continued developing the Rocketry Branch of my Tech Tree mod, however I ran into a problem: the stock tech tree is to cramped for my tech tree. So I thought I might use CTT but it is just some more loading time for just one node, so I decided to take the unused "Nanolathing" node and move it to the position I wanted it to be in... EDIT: Does this actually count as doing something in KSP?¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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