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  1. Mod isn't finished yet. The core just adds some modfications to the stock sun, and adds files required for the rest of the mod. It states that on the github page for the download. Unfortunately I have been negligent in the development of this mod, and want to finish other projects, as well as generally being preoccipied with school.
  2. No matter how many radiators I put on, my particle scoop overheats! Any ideas on how to fix this by editing .cfgs?
  3. 2022 Update: I'm working on another smaller project, but if I manage to get that finished and polished nice I will continue to work on Far Lands. I've currently been having a lot of issues with Kopernicus at large distances so I'm waiting on release-69 of that to come out which should hopefully fix the stock jank. Khnum is looking really good so far though, and Khepri plans are nearly finished.
  4. Pretty sure this works on the latest version. Haven't had any issues yet
  5. Best fix I have found for newer versions is to use the version on github. It seems to be a slightly newer version. It works for me but I don't think im using Kop 67+. The only problem I've found is these ugly vector lines from active engines
  6. Bahah I guess, I've been messing around a little but I haven't touched mods in months. Might just try and do an asset flip for myself to mess around with then. Idk, I would've just liked to be lazy.
  7. Basically Title. It's a niche I haven't seen filled at all, except for Hypat in KSS. A planet nine analog would be perfect for my current game, as well as a planet ten, small kerbin sized planet. Any mods that add these?
  8. Ahhhh I'm playing with FFT and GU. I want to get to GU systems fast without warp drives.
  9. I'm trying to do burns that are days, if not years long with massive interstellar starships using this mod. This makes the ships really unstable, and often they explode or my game crashes. Is there a way to basically disable physics, and have my engine burning at the same time with this mod?
  10. Dyva seems to lag out my game significantly when I enter Doppler's SOI. Could you experiment a lil and try to fix this? Everything else is great tho
  11. @FreeThinkercan you please update this to support 1.12? I really need it in my most recent career game
  12. Because burns often take hours of irl time with ion engines in this mod, is there a recommended way to speed things up? I would use persistant thrust but it hasnt been updated.
  13. :0 legend! Exactly what I was looking for! In my ~1000 hours of playing career mode I have never had too much of an idea of what goes into transmissions, I rarely play with communications on so I just click button get science lol. Trust me to randomly pick the worst option for antennas lol. On all my new science ships I will be putting HG-55 or Communotron 88-88s, or any modded antenna from NFT or any of the other mods I have installed that have good rates. I should have everything I need now to build my next generation of interplanetary spacecraft to fuel my Jool programme
  14. Does not work for me at all. Even stops me from timewarping occasionally. I can now get it to load but it just doesn't work.
  15. Few more questions - How far is the range of the pipelines? Will I be able to transfer stuff throughout the Kerbol System or does the fuel or EC cost scale? Does the payload instantly send or is there a travel time? How do I most effectively set up the rangeland? Currently I use KAS transfer pipes to connect it to my bases, but this seems kinda,,,, not great. The Spyglass is wayyy too small to be usable with it as well. also, can we get a gauge of how big the rangeland is going to be when it deploys? I have to save scum to set it up. And it really often explodes with certain engine exhauts (Lithium Ion from NFT always seems to break my poor launchpads, they're cheap to make just irritating to set up ) How do I drill for Gravolium? I have an outpost set up on Dres specifically for this, and I built it in one of the gravolium rich zones and my drills are still getting nothing. Do I have to prospect? Or use a certain drill?
  16. Hi there, I'm about 20 years into my career save and I keep on running into this really annoying problem of sorts. I'm playing a heavily modded install, and tech nodes have started reaching prices of around 2000. For stock research labs this would be annoying, as thats 4 labs worth of science transmitted back. I however made a patch to change the science amount to 5000 and the data amount to 7500 (cheaty I know, but there's nothing I hate more than having to stop timewarp every 5 months because another research lab has finished and I need to transfer the data) However, I've run into a problem with regards to transmitting this data. If anyone has used the labs before you will know that not only is research slow asf, but transmitting also takes ages. Time warp does not seem to help speed up the process as well, and I have to physics warp if I want to speed up transmitting. This is made much, much worse by the amount of science (5000 to be precice :P) I'm transmitting back every time. This is getting super annoying, because even though I have to sit through less loading screens, the transmission goes up by 0.02% each increment. I'm playing with no communications network mods, as well as the stock communications network disabled. I'm transmitting with an RA-2 Relay Antenna out as Dres. Could this be the problem? Any advice would be greatly appriciated, I just want to be able to speed up transmitting the data. Would a better antenna help? Or is there a way that I can actually time warp through?
  17. Looks interesting. Tempted to add this to my current playthrough, a mining outpost on these would be very interesting due to close proximity to kerbin meaning I can ferry crew over, and the low gravity would make transfers to other planets really easy. If you need any help with Kopernicus, I can help patching stuff and fixing it. It seems just by a quick look at the textures that you have a problem with the normal maps. I recommend generating them with KittopiaTech, as not only does it make them work pretty much all the time, you can quickly see if the PQS is working properly just by judging the "sharp" appearances of the planet
  18. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a bunch! I think the invisibility is to due with the ScaledSpace version not offloading at the time the normal version loads in, meaning a gap in time before both load in. Also I feel important to mention that I would be up for adopting this. While I am hesitant to add more bodies as I feel the mod is pretty much complete, and is of higher quality than I can create additions for I would very much be interested in maintaining and updating this. It works fine for 1.12 apart from that little patch, support for more mods such as DoE is something I would be interested in doing for this mod. I have some experience in Kopernicus planet packs so feel free to msg me if you are wanting me to adopt this mod
  19. Also Interstellar Technologies, Blueshift, Pathfinder, Kerbal Atomics and Stockalike Station Parts lol. It's so fun, so expansive, but it runs at 3fps most of the time. Add GU and OPM for ultimate progression lol. To make it even more fun I try to only launch crew from Kerbin, most large ships for interplanetary travel are built off world on Minmus
  20. I think the main issue is that one where you can't time accelerate that people were getting - super frustrating. Isn't the mod designed from KSPIE code though? I think the engines from that have it builtin. It's just irritating because I'm running both KSPIE and NFT+FFT and I disabled the KSPIE patches for Nertea's parts so I can use systemheat as I prefer it to KSPIE heat.
  21. Probably a conflict, I don't really wanna waste time figuring it out before this gets updated though. back on 1.11 it was buggy enough. Plus, I still havent even got up to needing to do really long burns in my career mode yet.
  22. Can I get a name change to "Meid" pls? No quotes
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