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  1. I want to see about fixing a lot of the textures for faster loading times and such. I'm still gonna be developing, ive decided to attempt to continue it. Not for a while though, I'm kinda bored of modding at the moment... I think I might work on Far Lands for a bit.
  2. Cool! thought so What colonisation mods are you using? I've recently been fiddling around with WBI, but I've played MKS and KPBS in the past
  3. Haha sounds good then! I've been drowning in school work at the moment so I might be a while on RealTNOs update release. Are you playing realism overhaul?
  4. Oh I thought I fixed that That'll be a fairly easy fix I can integrate over the course of patching, and I can probably get the ones I've released fixed by tomorrow I'll see about doing RealTNOs tomorrow as well. All the framework and textures are written, they just need tweaking. I was trying to decide on which to do yet. I'd love to see some screenshots of you playing RealMoons. Some of Jupiter and Saturn's moons give really pretty views if you play with RSSVE
  5. https://github.com/AR3S-Vega/RealExpansion/releases/tag/1.2 Real Asteroids Anniversary Update 1.2 Released! + Added Lutetia, Mathilde, Gaspra * SOI tweaks
  6. https://github.com/AR3S-Vega/RealExpansion/releases/tag/1.3 Real Moons Anniversary Update 1.3 released! * Fixed blank textures. All moons now have textures! * Fixed PQS issues on most planets * Tweaked Proteus' SOI Real Patch is getting an update soon, same with the release of a Kerbal Scale Patch which has RSSVE integration!
  7. Looks like PQS is gonna take a bit of work to get nice, but overall it's possible. This should make the whole mod a lot more stable. I've been working on a few patches for odd things, such as a scatterer patch better integrating eclipses and a config which adds the new ring shaders to Saturn's rings as it was running the old ones. I might also work on an updated version/derivative of SSRSS/KSRSS with my own visuals and better integration of things such as the smallest bodies in the mod. This will mean a more versatile and fine tuned expertise for people like me who aren't skilled/patient enough for RSS/RO, but want to play with a real solar system module. Also this would mean analogous mods like Nova Kirbani and my other mod, Gene's Star would work well with this overhauled SSRSS Another thing that needs doing to overhauling the science values for the entire mod. This means for better career integration for those early NEO missions, which I've always been interested in. An improved sunlight curve system would also be cool for immersion, adding a new layer of difficulty for those exploring the further bodies in the system. KSP's light handling system has always disappointed me. When I first started creating mods, I always struggled with stars, mainly the light from the stock sun being too bright. To plug one of my mods once again, Kerbol Kurves was to fill this purpose, but because everything is scaled up this simply won't do anymore so I'll have to see about updating the present sunlight config in Real Patch Hope to start posting screenshots of new content soon, and by soon when I can get my PQS working
  8. https://github.com/AR3S-Vega/RealExpansion I have created a github for easier updating for me. Tomorrow I will start working on patching some content
  9. You mentioned you identified a scatterer method that listed bodies. This is probably the planet list, which controls not only atmospheric bodies but things like planet shine and eclipses. I didn't make one for real ex, as it should run fine without one and it would have taken ages to write for every single object in the mod. If this lack of the config is causing errors with scatterer, that could be an easy fix for lag. Another potential fix might be rewriting PQS for some bodies. This is what I think was causing the mod lagging in later versions of the game. This should also make the whole gameplay a bit more stable and if I plan to go that I might as well attempt to fix up the entire mod (which isn't all out of the question, I could probably fix the configs of the mod in around a day or two, and then give 2-4 days testing and uploading for all packages in bulk). My main problem with releasing a new update is that i would like to remake textures if I'm going to overhaul this, which isn't gonna be fun and will probably take a lot longer. I can look into patching asteroids, moons and TNOs because most of the textures were fine for those and move onto others I'll see about doing it tomorrow. It's not like I have anything to do in lockdown. I'll drink a dangerous amount of coffee to try and get them all done in a relatively short amount of time (which is the way it was originally made :p
  10. I've noticed leaking memory with some of my mods in 1.8, and I think I've nearly managed to fix it. As I've clarified, the mod is abandoned. I could however write a quick Scatterer Planet list config to try and help with the crashing, but I think it's best to not use to mod until i can get around to fixing it. Thanks for offering, but I've started using GitHub recently and seem to have it figured out. I'll try to get around to it and make the whole downloading system more organised. I would like to have a system in place similar to what i have for Gene's Star, with multiple downloads possible.
  11. Haha thanks! Development is kinda slow at the moment, but I should release stuff... Soon...
  12. Really Cool mod! I love the Trans Neidonian objects! Halfway through a mission to Havous right now! https://imgur.com/7SLUWtS Rings are showing, I'm just at Kal so the inclination is matched