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  1. Can i make a config for my kopernicus planet pack that allows the usage of the intakes on that planet?
  2. Back at work again! Today's development news is 2 new moons for Nux. One is a boring asteroid, the other is a carbonia world. You might want to not use engines, the ocean is made out of flammable oil Stay woke
  3. Release is of Khepri is going to take longer than anticipated, and even then it will still be a Beta Release. The alpha is out to a few select people at the moment, and the sooner they get testing I can be assured that the
  4. Yup. Overhauled it. I always intended it to be a Earth Like, but with not much water on it's surface, but it was a mars like for a bit.
  5. Those names seem familiar lol. I'm also using names of Egyptian Gods/Pharoahs for my mod. But the planets look really cool! Definitely will keep an eye on this mod.
  6. Release of Khepri System will be within this week! The core mod might be out earlier.
  7. To expand on ILoveStars responce, I created Vega Modding as a team to help each other out and develop high quality mods than we would do on our own. I find things like Kopernicus Discord aggrivating as they take ages to respond, and if anything is slightly off-topic the mods will come down on you like a ton of bricks I think of Vega as a more relaxed experience. Less dictatorial, more jokey, less developer politics Planet Packs are our primary focus. I've tried to make part mods before, most being unsuccessful. The team is quite well structured, we each have our individual talents and jobs. For example Smol does textures and concepts and the occasional configs, whereas ILoveStars tests versions.
  8. I added a release schedule of what i plan to add in the future. It's not too detailed though
  9. So sorry for the blank title, but I'm having so many problems with adding EVE and Scatterer to my Mod. I've asked many people, including the Kopernicus Discord, with little help. I've DMed noteable people to no avail When the game is booted, the main menu works But actually in game the terminator is completely broken So far, i've: Fiddled with both usesCloudIntegration in planetsList and EVEIntegration_preserveCloudColors in Kerbin's atmo .cfg. Dug in other visual mods to take configs, clouds, .halfs to test (these are removed, don't get yer angery because im steal because ive deleted them) Remade my .raws/.halfs Fiddled with numbers Please help, I'm trying to get an alpha version of my mod out by the end of the month. I've hit enough brick walls now and i want to just get the mod out.
  10. Still facedesking while attempting to get EVE work with Scatterer...

  11. Thanks! Im sorry im not working on it. Greater forces call SSRSS works fine, try sigma rescale. Only problems is with the SOI. I wouldn't mind patch bodies that have broken SOIs
  12. I think they confirmed that's not happening... Can't seem to find it tho