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  1. Woah this is sick!!! Is it still active? I need those 10m parts for some really heavy boosters.
  2. You're probably gonna want kittopia, which i can only find for 1.8
  3. Indeed Planet's called Mehr, it replaces Kaj, which is the first planet of Khnum Tidally Locked as well. enjoy the lava lakes.
  4. Feel free to modify my curves. the first number is distance, the second is intensity, the third and fourth are floatcurves to make the curve change shape. i never use the floatcurves tho. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ the license says that you have to give me credit, provide a link to the license, indicate changes (just put something like modified values) and you cant change the license of the config.
  5. Ahhh my bad then. I'm pretty sure they are developing a planet pack
  6. I already know the syntax for stars. I have many mods that I'm neglecting to develop lmao Works with 1.8, I know because I'm using it with that. 1.9 I haven't tested
  7. Hidden Gem, this mod is insane! Major Blade Runner Vibes
  8. So I've been really hesitant to work on the mod a lot recently because im a bit stuck with textures. I want to make sure the mod has at least some quality when it comes to textures, and ik the project is ambitious but i really dont want this to be the next doubledouble or something so i want to recode the mod from scratch, completely new textures and all. I also want to have no vanilla textures present, which tosses my coronae textures and sunspot maps out of the window. im basically looking for a more reliable way to make them to look realistic as well as high quality. If anyone has any exper
  9. I'm up for helping with this. you should just be able to at 23.4 for all the inclination values of the objects. I wouldn't have thought LAN and ARGP would be a problem
  10. I want to see about fixing a lot of the textures for faster loading times and such. I'm still gonna be developing, ive decided to attempt to continue it. Not for a while though, I'm kinda bored of modding at the moment... I think I might work on Far Lands for a bit.
  11. Cool! thought so What colonisation mods are you using? I've recently been fiddling around with WBI, but I've played MKS and KPBS in the past
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