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  1. I did exactly this but with NH! I now have something like 8 moons which is perfect for me
  2. bahaha u can see that i edited it literally seconds ago. Thanks anyway
  3. How is this not more popular! This looks insane! My only problem is I'm not a fan of KSPIE. I would much rather use Nertea's system heat. Would it be possible to make an optional patch to work with FFT/NFT frameworks instead? All the framework is there for fusion powered stuff. I made a fusion powered starship to Nova Kirbani or whatever the closest system in GU is called
  4. Is there any way to remove the need for life support features? cba with dealing with life support resources. I dont have that much patience
  5. I created an issue on the github, but I am going to mention it here because i doubt that it will get noticed. I am having problems with productivity on my bases. I am using version 6.8.3 on KSP 1.11.2. I have a base on Gilly, crewed by 2 max level engineers. I am using angel-125's pathfinder, so I am not sure if this is to do with that. The kerbals are in the inital boxed Ponderosa module that the mod provides, and it is listing their productivity as 0.48.... However, the vessel productivity is listed as 0. There are no other people on board my base, and nothing that should change an
  6. Fair enough. Great mods btw. Massive fan of p much everything you've made
  7. Any chance of bigger fuel tanks/some kind of tweak scale? Really struggling to build large craft due to part count constraints from the amount of fuel tank constraints. If not, I can just tweak some configs. Trying to go interstellar in GU but struggling to get the few millions of DV required to get there.
  8. I've just returned to KSP following a massive break due to my modpack being too bloated and laggy. Finally got bothered to trim it down a little and start playing again. In my last playthrough, I had a massive infrastructure of satellites/stations/bases around the Jool moons system, and I really enjoyed setting it up. However, one thing bothered me a lot about it, which was the lack of destinations to set up shop on. 5 moons, even with two (Laythe and Tylo) proving very unique challenges I still found that I did not really want to expand much further because of the lack of destinatio
  9. Woah this is sick!!! Is it still active? I need those 10m parts for some really heavy boosters.
  10. You're probably gonna want kittopia, which i can only find for 1.8
  11. Indeed Planet's called Mehr, it replaces Kaj, which is the first planet of Khnum Tidally Locked as well. enjoy the lava lakes.
  12. Feel free to modify my curves. the first number is distance, the second is intensity, the third and fourth are floatcurves to make the curve change shape. i never use the floatcurves tho. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ the license says that you have to give me credit, provide a link to the license, indicate changes (just put something like modified values) and you cant change the license of the config.
  13. Ahhh my bad then. I'm pretty sure they are developing a planet pack
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