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  1. MSA

    Making a command pod

    Somehow it changed to free. I mean crew 1 more thing. How do make it have a science experiment.
  2. MSA

    Making a command pod

    What I'm wondering is how do I get it to have a free capacity?
  3. MSA

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I made it to Duna for the first time in my new career save! Then I crashed Then I quick loaded thanks developers for quick save
  4. Hi! I was going to make a parts pack and I had a few questions. 1. I want a command pod but the default for part tools is Fuel Tanks. So what do I type? 2. Same thing as 1 but for engines. 3. How do I make things extendable? If anyone knows please help
  5. 9/10 haven't played browser quest in a while
  6. MSA

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    No The_Cat_In_Space
  7. MSA

    New stock expansion?

    It would probably be to much, but a new star system
  8. MSA

    What is better science of funds

    I’m just asking this for fun not for an actual mission or play through
  9. What do you guys think is better points or
  10. Hello! I recently got a new Mac computer and of course wanted KSP. The only problem is that I forgot how to get Ksp. I know I need to get steam first so I did that. But for some reason when installing KSP, it didn’t work! So if there are any Mac players who could give me some help.
  11. Yes a ringed world
  12. I’ll make sure to do that! (When my computer finishes updating )