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  1. I just installed CKAN and put it into my clean KSP folder. My only question is what version do I need to have in order to have the RO mods work? (I know that the forum page for it said 1.3)
  2. Sorry. I was on a holiday with my family and couldn't check the forums. So what do I need to do?
  3. What dose the docking arm from WBI buffalo ( I think ) dock to?
  4. I could build a power module with solar panels, radiators, batteries, and RTGs. I could also make a docking module.
  5. MSA

    Project H.O.M.E

    Chapter 7 The device Val ordered the parts for the vessel. Bill told Wernher and the other engineers how to make the device to insert into the monolith. "So you are 100% sure that the engineers installing this device will not be sucked to another planet?" "100% sure Gene." The parts were sent to Minnmus and the engineers at KSC built the device to put into the monolith near KSC. "KSC, we got the parts." Jeb and Bob went to the monolith to insert the device. Bill and Val assembled the device that would fly through it and into Kerbin. KSC also sent a chunk of their monolith too. "Alright. When I flip this switch, our sample of monolith should open and KSC's should also open just by flipping the switch on the Minnmus chunk. Once the gateway is open, we will push the model of the vessel into the Minnmus gateway and it should hopefully teleport." Said Bob. Bill flipped the switch and the gateways opened. Jeb then pushed the model along the track and then ZWUMP! The model teleported without a scratch! Now that the tests were successful, Jeb got into the vessel and was drove to the monolith. "Lifting off." Jeb fired the bottom engines. "Ignition." Jeb fired the rear engines and accelerated towards the monolith. "Destination, Kerbin." He pushed the Kerbin button and the monolith opened to Kerbin. "Teleporting in 3...2...1... Now!" ZWUMP! He shot through the monolith. "Jeb! You are going slower than stall speed!" "Roger control. Activating Jet engine." He fired the jet engine and of course, buzzed the tower. He then came and landed on the runway "Well now that the expedition is done, we can still send more modules and tourists to the base and now transform it into a colony." The end
  6. MSA

    Project H.O.M.E

    Chapter 6 Tests After moving the modules around with the rover, Val realized that it was horrible. "KSC, we would like a new rover for exploration." "Roger H.O.M.E, we are making one now." The rover was really high tech. It came down with a storage tank containing science units and parts for mini rover. "H.O.M.E, we would like you to send two astronauts to the monolith in the rover. They will then attempt to take a sample." "Roger control, we are sending Val and Bob." The 2 then got into the rover and drove to the monolith. "The monolith appears to be green! Maybe it doesn't black out communication, but teleports instead!" The two got out of the rover and used a sampling unit to take a sample. "Preparing for sample in 3...2...1..." Then the communication went down. The monolith started to open. The two expected it to open a hole to Kerbin. But no. It was to Eve! "This is so weird!" "Quick drive the rover away so we don't get sucked in!" Val jumped into the rover an drove it away. The portal closed. "So we have tried both faces of the monolith. But what about the sides?" "We should see." So the 2 walked over to the side and poked it. Nothing. "We can take a sample now!" They collected a sample and went back to the base. "Wow! This some kind of new element!" Said Bob. "What would happen if we applied an electrical current. Maybe we could be able to open and close the monoliths!" So Bill and Bob worked together and inserted a wire into the sample. "Test in 3...2...1... now!" Bob flipped a switch and the sample opened up to Duna. Bob then shut it off and the gateway closed. "What would happen if we applied a higher voltage?" They raised the voltage and tried again. This time it opened to Kerbin! They lowered it to the previous voltage and it went back to Duna! "The more we experiment, we could create a device that could teleport by sending a signal that would set a voltage that would open a portal to the designated planet or moon!" "I will send a message to mission control to send us the materials."
  7. MSA

    Project H.O.M.E

    Chapter 5 Expansion Back at KSC, a new, gigantic rocket was ready to launch. The payload was a colony ship. It had more crew, modules, storage, and materials for the base. "Sunrise is go for launch in 3...2...1... Liftoff!" The seven Vector Engines ignited and the colony ship headed for Minnmus. The Trans Minmatic Injection burn went smoothly. "I wonder what Bill has been doing on Minnmus for 2 years!" said Val. "He's probably board out of his mind!" said Bob. On Minnmus... "Dang it!" Level 19 failed "We can catch up with him when we land." As the colony ship approached Minnmus, it was time to get ready for the orbital burn. "Burn in 2 minutes." Jeb shouted from the cockpit. After the capture, Vall did an EVA to get to the capture rover. "Alright Jeb, I'm ready to drop." Jeb deployed the rover and Vall prepared for the de-orbit burn. "Bill, this is Vall. Do you copy?" "I copy." She fired her engines to slow down at around 5m in above the surface. Then she fired the RSC to get the rovers wheels pointed at the ground and landed. Vall drove to the base. She then met up with Bill and they waited for Bob to come down with a science module. "Bob, this is Vall. Bill is coming in the rover to bring you over." Bill drove to pick up the module with Bob. They then drove over to the correct place. Bill lowered the module and drove the rover off to the side. He then got out and attached the tube from each module and using the cargo rover, inflated the two module. The same process was repeated with each module until everything was in place. "Tomorrow, we will start our research.
  8. I am writing a story about it here: there is also a link in my signature.
  9. MSA

    Project H.O.M.E

    Chapter 4 Phase 2 At KSC, Bill was standing by to be launched in the first module of the base. "3...2...1... Liftoff!" When in orbit around Kerbin he watched as the computer figured out everything for him. In Minmatic orbit, the the computer told him that the de-orbit burn would happen in 2 minutes. After the burn, the upper stage separated and the 4 mini engines slowed him down to landing velocity. "Bill. First you need to assemble the light post." "Rodger control." He went to the container and got the items needed. After he assembled it, he was instructed to inflate the Hab and Lab. "Um.. mission control, the equipment tanks aren't full. I can't inflate the modules!" "Roger Bill, we will send a supply rover to you ASAP." As the rover descended, Bill was instructed to look for it. When it landed, even though it was only 900m away, it took 15 minutes to get to the base. When it arrived, Bill attached the node onto the module and inflated the modules. "Bill, I put some ice cream in the Lab for you."