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  1. I play this game on PC. I noticed recently that it was on sale on PS store so I grabbed it anything to support the devs and game as it’s awsome. But and this is a huge but. The game is broken I mean game breaking can’t finish the story broken. The EVA issue of being frozen to the side of a lander is ridiculous. I have scanned the forums and see this is an issue that has been present since July of last year it’s been 6 months and their hasn’t been a single update to fix this. I also see no responses from devs or anyone on a possible solution or fix coming. So now I have wasted 20$ on a game that although I love I can’t do anything with other than build and fly in space their is no point in landing or building anything on any planet if you can’t EVA. I really want to know if the console version of this game has just been written off and they dont care anymore and, won’t do anything about it? This isn’t a simple little bug that can be ignored or worked around this is literally a game breaking problem. So for now I guess I have to stick to PC version but this is stupid and to everyone should be a reason to not buy this game. I recommended this game to so many people on PS only to find out now I look like a fool because the game is fun until you try to do more than build a ship and fly in space.