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  1. Did quite a bit of work using the new update but keep running into unexpected limitations, specifically the SEQ-9 Container module. Which I was attempting to swap from one vehicle to another but apparently it's too big as I cant move it. Edit: Cant move any of the cargo containers (empty or full) Does Anyone know the exact limitations of "Some Reassembly Required" ?
  2. Why is there not an option to plot the best encounter for the Mun when orbiting Kerbin ? Edit: NM, now i see it... wasnt able to on previous versions.
  3. Thing to keep in mind though is most of these mods have been around for quite a while, except for OPT. Prior to installing OPT, everything was running smooth and happy.
  4. Was only able to get a full uninstall by following this: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/Clean-and-reinstall-process
  5. Received the following error in CKAN while trying to purge all my mods...
  6. Had an issue recently where the game hard crashed, when the KWT mod was clicked on: Mods Loaded... Error Log... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XrgIV6UBY3qY08chOZXbmuKqtZiQAoCv/view?usp=sharing
  7. @linuxgurugamer Recently Installed AFBW (v for use with a PlayStations style of USB controller, only to have the Yaw / Roll axis intermittently pegging to an extreme. (Joystick works otherwise) I've tried adjusting the AFBW config and have calibrated the Joystick within Windows yet the issue persists. From what I see the mod is for use with KSP 1.91 while my KSP is current 1.10 or better I believe. Q: Is there an update planned to correct the above issue? Thank you in advance! -Redacted
  8. Anyone know how to setup a Taranis for use with KSP? Note: I regularly play Liftoff with my Taranis but never have gotten KSP to detect the controller. Thank in advance! Redacted
  9. Would it be possible to include the option to have the turbo-props be run from electric?
  10. I really like the concept of the ramjet-ring as this will allow the user to mix and match what goes inside the ring. Case in point... want to add a Nerv or an ion-engine. Maybe add a docking point or tail cone to reduce drag. Lots of options with potential synergy here!
  11. One thing i see missing from the game is viable "small" jet motors for 1.25 or less. It's likely that your work could help here.
  12. Any design discussion of a Prop based craft is pointless so long as the motors induce Yaw when spinning in twin configuration. (CW and CCW)
  13. This is akin to saying that there isn't a problem with propeller based aircraft, when its clear via direct observation that this is indeed the case. Hell, it's not like we can build an aircraft "around" the problem to take advantage of the mechanics to make something that sorta flies as expected. With the game as it is currently there is no reliable in-game application for the Prop / Rotor system period! In the best of situations is a novelty and a poorly scripted one at that. Side note: Yes, I realize that the propeller angle / flutter is also part of the problem. That being said,
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