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  1. Please add a small county with WMD to invade to justify the $ required to build a carrier.
  2. To follow up... It was caused by file Kerbal Space Program\Ships\@thumbs\SPH\E42.png
  3. Anyone having problem reinstalling? I keep getting the following from CKAN... Thing is that neither mod is within the /GameData so I am wondering if there are left over files (.DDL's) tht could be causing this?
  4. Yeah thats what i mean... The working range isn't 90 degrees but rather 1-5. This allows the throttle range to be in 20% (positive) increments. Even with the KAL-Controller, i doubt this would allow for much in the way of fine resolution to control the throttle. Keep in mind that as the copters angle and forward momentum is increased, that the blades will quickly reach their stall angle. This is despite a real quad still being able to generate thrust at almost all angles. (Unless moving really fast) Even then, rather than controlling each propeller it "should" be far simpler to control each specific motor. ( "If" groups could be managed as such to control orientation) Only way I see to do this would be to either having a dedicated motor mixer or by using one set of props to control "general" lift, while another set on the same rotor was used for Pitch / Roll.
  5. Problem with using blade deploy is that the working range is rather limited. Using them the throttle up / down would provide for a very narrow throttle range.
  6. Now thats more like it... if done well, it will be an extremely light and efficient science transport. Should be able to recharge it via 1-2 small solar cells between flights. BTW, i like the use of the fins for the rotor blades. Maybe you can suggest improvements to the blades in other discussions? Now as for the motors poor throttle response have have found to tie the rpm and torque to the same throttle channel helps considerably.
  7. @IkranMakto While this is really nice, it's still cheating by angling the rotors. Instead whats needed for a real quad experience, is being able to manipulate the motor torque via channel mixing. This would allow for the simplest design insofar as what hardware is required to make it fly. One big issue here though is that the electric rotors spin up / down pretty slowly and thus have to be "braked" to slow them down enough to land. (poor throttle response) What I've been trying to build is the most minimalist copter possible then adapt it to be fold-able for transport. It would end up being a 1-Kerbal transport to fly around conducting science on Eve.
  8. Thank you for the constructive inputs but I thought the point was to make this work without the reaction wheels?
  9. Yeah, i have discovered that... Was able to get Pitch (prop angle) and Yaw (Torque manipulation) working but Roll does some really strange stuff. It appears as if the rotor attempts to have opposing Roll Lift on each of its sides. When this needs to be each side of the Copter. Quad ends up fighting itself instead of Rolling. Now as for the other Axis, the motors response time is way to slow and the props can stall rather easily at higher forward speeds. For strong counter torque, the props either need to be at a high angle of attack or the rotors spun past 200 rpms. Sucks that motors, props and most other things are limited to one type of input / axis as KSP would be awesome for a little Quadcopter race. Would love to have direct input mixing available for the motors / props.
  10. @linuxgurugamer I've the AFBW mod installed and can select, configure and calibrate my Taranis XD9. However, the controls don't respond in-game, even after exiting and restarting the program. Not sure whats wrong here are the controls are being detected as seen within the controller configuration screen. Do you have any advice on how to correct this? Note: The mods main files are withing the main KSP working directory while the mod itself resides in /gamedata Edit: Just after creating a new preset, the controls to allow for me to manipulate the Yaw, Pitch and Roll in game. However the Throttle moves the % bar without the crafts engines throttling up. Being that this is an electric rover, it doesnt used staged events. (Everything is just on by default) All that being said, once i return to the Space Port and then return to the launch screen, none of the controls are active despite the preset being available and the calibration screen showing that the stick deflections are working. Thank you in advance, Redacted
  11. Tried most of the day to get the copter controllable via torque manipulation. Fact is that the motors change too slow for this to be viable. I did however make a version that uses SAS and ACS thrusters to control it's orientation.
  12. I get that about the intent of the parts but the problem will always be that players will try to use parts beyond their original intended scope. Even if parts were used within their scope of intent, somethings are just not doable. Either the game mechanics don't support it or their are controllability issues. Case-in-point, try making a “realistic” quadcopter when manipulating each motors torque / lift to manage the crafts orientation. Far as i can tell, no one has pulled this off yet simply because the control groups are not capable of managing the motors in this way. Sure, the motors can be assigned to a throttle group but manipulating each axis without SAS has proven elusive. Closest i have come has been to change each propellers attack angle while the motor speed remains constant. Even then, this was only managed for Pitch, not Roll but Prop angle does nothing for Yaw. Speeding motors up just takes too long to respond to a pilots Yaw input. Best i can figure is the “brake” a set of the diagonal motors to create Yaw torque but this would come at the loss of lift. Keep in mind that a true quadcopter can Yaw without the loss of altitude or effecting the other axis.
  13. Will post a few pictures and a like to the design Monday.
  14. What we need is a “momentary“ mode, where the variable increases at a user predefined rate, then snaps back to defaults when the keyboard control input ceases. For joysticks, the “rate of change” / “prop attack angle” / “hinge deflection” could be defined by the amount of stick defection etc. Anyone know of a modder who would be up to taking this challenge?