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  1. They said that they gather every other Friday, not that they would make a video every other Friday.
  2. That's actually what I'm planning on doing given the new planned release date and how close it is to christmas. It should give me just the right amount of time to decide if I really want to get it.
  3. I would assume so, seeing as they are the densest objects in the universe
  4. Is this forum page going to be showcasing all of the planets as they are created or is it only for Dres?
  5. KSS is dead and you can't get it anyways. Kopernicus continued might work with GU however so try that
  6. 1: if the water is invisible, then check your modlist to see what is wrong. 2: That might be a glitch in the game idk 3: There is only one comms unit in GU and in interstaller extended there are a lot. Just test around and see for yourself 4: please do not spam the forums with a lot of questions. If you have more than one, contain them to one post.
  7. Kopernicus expansion is a mixture of many different things. https://github.com/StollD/KopernicusExpansion-Continued
  8. I honestly think that take two could care less about ksp 2 itself. I think they just want to profit off of the game's success, and adding all of this garbage to ksp 2 wont get them that money.
  9. I'm just going to wait until other people make videos on it and then judge if I want to buy it or not.
  10. They moved in house with take two. Take two purged star theory and those who are still with star theory are screwed
  11. In the video it said that 12 employees and the 3 directors moved to Intercept. But who knows if they'll even be in charge of development anymore. I doubt that the game is cancelled, but honestly who knows anymore.
  12. what the hell is your problem take two
  13. Every message reaches the forums dude It's not like YouTube comments or anything
  14. Ovin would be a pain to land on. On murble (The name of the moon) you get an awesome view of glummo
  15. So apparently i was vastly underestimating the size of the Daedalus Fusion Engine. I was expecting thisnot this
  16. Makes sense. Even if ksp 2 is like 100 times better than ksp 1 gameplay wise, ksp 1 will still be the better game just because it helped to inspire so many other games.
  17. it is impossible to help if they don't know which mods you have
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