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  1. Yes the next update will be for 1.11. KSRSS is now on GitLab. We don't know. We don't have any time to work on the mod right now, but that will (hopefully) improve soon. BDB, Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit, Probe Plus, Restock.
  2. In the next update the default launchsite will be Kourou (5 degrees North). I don't know yet if I will move the Moon to a 5 degrees inclination or not, because that would remove the ability to launch to the Moon from Cape.
  3. This is not a 100% copy of RSS, in RSS all the planets orbits are 23 degrees tilted, in KSRSS they are not. It's to be able to launch directly in the Moon plane from Cape Canaveral.
  4. @rogerwang86had the same problem because he was playing on an old save. Try creating a new save and see if the problem persists.
  5. Thanks, can you reproduce the bug, close KSP, and upload your KSP.log (on GDrive, Dropbox...) please?
  6. You might be able to run it with a Intel GPU. We never tried it so we don’t know but I know Intel GPUs aren’t the most powerful, and that’s why we don’t recommend it
  7. Actually it’s a bug, I think it does that on Moon too and maybe other bodies. Will be fixed in 0.7. KSRSS is on gitlab now, so don’t worry if you are seeing low activity on the GitHub. Hopefully before 2021. For the Earth it’s a scatterer bug where the ocean visual disappears. It happens in JNSQ too, not sure what to do about it but I will see. For the Moon I don’t see the bug in the video, it looks like a perfectly normal rendezvous maneuver. We don’t know about the specs required but we recommend at least a CPU with a frequency of 3GHz and a dedicated GPU (so an AMD or NVIDIA one, not an Intel one).
  8. Here is the ingame window Don’t worry the work is already done
  9. Some news about the update : Parallax configs and textures are still being made KSRSS folder structure will be completely different. So what does that mean for you? In the previous releases, you had to download KSRSS, KSRSS-Textures and, if you wanted to, KSRSSVE and KSRSSVE-Textures. Now, there will be only one dowload with all four mods. If you have only EVE (not scatterer) KSRSSVE will apply the "Lite" configs. If you have EVE and scatterer, then it will apply the "High" configs. An ingame window will allow you to change your texture resolution (for KSRSS and KSRSSVE). The dll will prevent the other textures from loading, so you will have the same loading time and RAM usage as before. We are currently improving the heightmaps of the main bodies. @Kierrais playing with KK statics, but we don't know if they will be part of the release.
  10. In the KSP directory, where the .exe is. If you don't have the file extensions enabled, it may be called settings.
  11. Ok I was not expecting that. Almost 1k upvotes on reddit! (u/RocketGamer06 is me)
  12. I didn't make this page, but I know that we found information about DLA in a book (in french). @MaguKerman will be able to tell you which book it is and @Well probably knows about ESL. EDIT : found some info about ESLM here : https://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets_1/West_Europe/ESLM/Description/Frame.htm In other news, I also added to the wiki Ariane 5 ME. Basically it's an Ariane 5 with a longer upper stage and a Vinci instead of an HM7B. https://github.com/tony48/Unofficial-KNES-Wiki/wiki/Ariane-5-ME
  13. New addition to the KNES wiki, the CSTS! A proposed design for a Roscosmos-ESA spacecraft, it is based on the ATV. https://github.com/tony48/Unofficial-KNES-Wiki/wiki/CSTS
  14. Probably not. @AndrewDraws said he was working on REX-KSRSS compatibility (let us know if you need help with that).
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