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  1. I noticed that the decals don't work (you can place them, they show up in the VAB but not in flight) when placing them on Procedural Parts fuel tanks, except when you are using a texture with a bump map (the foil texture for example). GameData folder : And here is the log
  2. The game knows the mass and the gravitationnal parameter by calculating them. You can use this formula, where g is the surface gravity IN M/S (not in g like geeASL), G is the gravitational constant, M is the mass and r is the radius. Note that GM together is also known as the gravitational parameter (or mu).
  3. It all depends if we have the time to work on it. It can take 6 months if we don't have any time.
  4. Just install Sigma Dimensions, there is already a config for it in KSRSS. No there isn't and probably won't be. The next update should improve performance. We have CRP configs so yes it should be compatible. Because that's the way it is.
  5. KSRSS is not compatible with KSP 1.9.1, and this has nothing to do with Kopernicus. An update will be released soon.
  6. The only scales planned for this mod are stock and x2.5. If you want to play with RO, RSS is your best option.
  7. If your issue is city lights being lit during day time, I think I fixed it yesterday, but it isn’t released yet.
  8. That’s a stock/Kopernicus bug. We didn’t test KSRSSVE with 0.0610 but it should work.
  9. BUGFIX 0.6.1 Changelog : Added Commnet Stations Fixed lag on Saturn moons Added Dione terrain preset Fixed KSC Height in x2.5 Fixed diplay pressure on Venus, Titan, Mars New PlanetShine config Added mars biomes Added an install checker Added Final Frontier ribbons Fixed quicksave bug by removing MH launchsites Added loading screens (Thanks @Zarbon44 for the Titan loading screen) Added chinese localization by New atmospheres for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune fix localization bugs new Mars colormap new moon colormap new mercury colormap reduced pluto biomemap size To update, delete KSRSS and KSRSS-Textures in your GameData and install the new version. Not yet.
  10. Probably a KSP bug That’s normal, Kerbin is the internal name of Earth
  11. I am not the RSSVE developper and this is not the RSSVE thread. If you have any issues with RSS or RSSVE, report them to the RSS thread:
  12. It will be in the future but for the moment you can play with CRP. I don’t know if it works with RSS, but I know that RSSVE is available here :