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  1. KSP 1.7.22 doesn’t exist. And if you mean 1.7.2, update to 1.7.3, it will be easier to find Kopernicus for that version.
  2. We’re waiting for SQUAD to release the 1.8 update, then KSRSS 0.5 will come with Saturn moons, new terrain textures (again, I know) and new atmospheres for Venus, Titan and Mars (and fixes for several bugs). Yes, it will be less realistic, but we are in stock, not in RO and we need to improve the playability of the mod. The Venus and Titan ones are already done and Mars shouldn’t take too long.
  3. I don’t think there will be consequences in KSRSS but let me know if you find one
  4. Try to make a new save, if it still doesn't work delete the SolarPanels.cfg in Kopernicus/Config. Have you tried Principia with KSRSS? Maybe it will work out of the box.
  5. Maybe we’ll make a 2.5 version later (I love playing in 2.5) but in the meantime you can play with RESCALE to have KSRSS 2.5.
  6. This is usually caused by ModularFlightIntegrator not being installed but I saw it in your screenshot... Can you please double check?
  7. @pbristow can you try with KSP 1.7.3? (and kopernicus 1.7.3)
  8. Can you post a screenshot of your GameData please? It's in progress. Added to the roadmap
  9. 5 peut-être (je parle des membres plus ou moins actifs) Après je te dirais que la commu est pas mal présente sur discord, par exemple la commu du KFP a 293 membres (pas tous actifs mais quand même) :
  10. Yes, download RSS. KSRSS is Kerbin sized so the day cycle will always be 6 hours like the stock system. Maybe you can do something with Kronometer but I can’t help you for this.
  11. J’utiliserai kRPC pour communiquer avec KSP. Tu peux utiliser du Java, du Python, du C#, du C++ ou encore du Lua avec. Je suppose que tu prévois d’utiliser une Raspberry Pi avec ton écran, ça sera donc facile d’exécuter des programmes vu que c’est un Linux. Après c’est à toi de concevoir le programme pour communiquer avec KSP, la doc de kRPC est ici : Bonne chance pour ton projet
  12. I thought this only happen to me. Thanks for the report! Not yet, maybe for the 0.5.
  13. Bugfix 0.4.1 CHANGELOG Fixed the low FPS on the Moon. Fixed the strange tiles on suborbital trajectories Download : Enjoy
  14. @Carni35 can you try to play with this config to see if it fixes the bug? (place it in KSRSS/KSRSSKopernicus/Earth)