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  1. It is It's normal that the game freeze at this moment, don't touch anything, and it should reach the main menu.
  2. No, you can't change the year to be 365 days, and you can't change the day to be 24 hours because the solar system is ten times smaller and these values wouldn't make sense. What Kronometer and the "Use Earth Time" does is that it change the Day (or Year) definition of the KSP clock. The clock is the green/yellow/red thing in the top left corner. For example, if you enable the "Use Earth Time" settings in KSP, a day on the clock will be equal to 24 ingame hours but the Earth will still rotate every 6 hours. So in one clock "day" you will see 4 sunrises and 4 sunsets.
  3. Kronometer doesn't change the real duration of the day/year. It changes the clock definition so that it matches the real duration. It is recommended because in KSRSS the year is longer than in stock KSP, so without kronometer you'll get to Year 2 before the Earth has actually made a revolution around the sun. It is highly recommended if you play with KSRSS x2.5 (planets 2.5 times larger) because the day duration is 7.5 hours so Kronometer will tell the clock to change the day definition to 7.5 hours. Now if you want clock days to be 24 hours you don't need Kronometer. Uninstall it, then go in the KSP settings and enable "Use Earth Time". You will have 4 "real" days for 1 "clock" days since the rotation period won't change.
  4. Thanks, I think I already fixed this, please redownload the mod using the link in the OP.
  5. I think you can delete the 4k or 16k folder safely, but not the 8k.
  6. Thanks for the report, I pushed a fix to the gitlab, please redownload the beta by using the link in the OP.
  7. Thanks, can you post a screenshot of the weird halos please? Please post a screenshot of the problem, a screenshot of your gamedata folder and a link to your KSP.log uploaded to a storage service. Your forgot to install ClickThroughBlocker, which is a dependency for ToolbarControl. I know this isn't KSRSS related, but sometimes an error from one mod can impact another.
  8. They are compatible Is this happening without scatterer installed?
  9. Q: I found a bug, how do I report it? A: Post a message in this thread with: a screenshot of the problem (if applicable), a screenshot of your GameData folder, your KSP version and your KSP.log (you can find it in your KSP folder) Do not paste the KSP.log here, upload the file to a sharing service (Google Drive, Dropbox, …) and send the link here. Make sure the link is public.
  10. KSRSS-megapack shouldn't be a folder in your gamedata. Please see the installation instructions in the OP which are now up to date. Make sure you have the latest beta (download in the OP).
  11. Yes the next update will be for 1.11. KSRSS is now on GitLab. We don't know. We don't have any time to work on the mod right now, but that will (hopefully) improve soon. BDB, Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit, Probe Plus, Restock.
  12. In the next update the default launchsite will be Kourou (5 degrees North). I don't know yet if I will move the Moon to a 5 degrees inclination or not, because that would remove the ability to launch to the Moon from Cape.
  13. This is not a 100% copy of RSS, in RSS all the planets orbits are 23 degrees tilted, in KSRSS they are not. It's to be able to launch directly in the Moon plane from Cape Canaveral.
  14. @rogerwang86had the same problem because he was playing on an old save. Try creating a new save and see if the problem persists.
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