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  1. Introducing KSRSSVE Lite ! KSRSSVE Lite is a version of ksrssve that doesn’t require scatterer, enhancing performance on small computers. On the left : Mars in KSRSS without KSRSSVE. On the right : Mars with KSRSSVE Lite. On the left : Earth in KSRSS + KSRSSVE but without scatterer On the right : Earth with KSRSSVE Lite (Earth color in this picture is not up to date, we changed it to a darker one)
  2. Other planets packs, Waypoint manager, kerbalism and RemoteTech. (Configs for remotetech and kerbalism will come in KSRSS 1.0)
  3. When Kopernicus AND scatterer will be ready for 1.9, this will be updated, but if we finish KSRSS 0.5 before one of the two mods updates, the release will be for 1.8.1.
  4. Yes we are going to add more Saturn and Uranus moons, probably in KSRSS 0.6 and 0.7.
  5. And we have a new member in the team! He made a ground texture for Venus, and he will probably work on scatters
  6. ICBM Road with Kerbal Konstructs, Tundra space center and OSSNTR
  7. 1) a screenshot of the sun in the tracking station would be helpful 2) You have to wait for a Kopernicus update
  8. At the moment Kierra doesn’t have a lot of time to work on the mod and I’m afraid it won’t change until the holidays, so I would say no release before 2020 sorry
  9. KSP 1.7.22 doesn’t exist. And if you mean 1.7.2, update to 1.7.3, it will be easier to find Kopernicus for that version.