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  1. Ariane 5 Hermes Craft is working. Only Hermes Craft alone does not work.
  2. I didn't have a pre-version of Knes. I downloaded and installed version 0.7 of Knes.
  3. I am currently playing in sandbox mode
  4. Hello If I want to load the HERMES space glider, the following error message appears. The following parts are missing: .Knes.Box.Sensor.Photopolarimeter .Knes.Box.Sensor.IRSpectrometer
  5. @overkill13 Thank you very much it is all available. I already had some feature packages, but not all of them. Best regards Andreas
  6. Hello I have only recently acquired KSP and am inexperienced. I have installed this mod. I'am missing the engine parts, intake parts, and most of the other´s that are shown in the gallery. Can you help me? Best regards Andreas