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  1. Not to be confused with the Munar Gateway, which was built by KASA, whom we (my space program) do not associate with. Introduction After achieving the legendary accomplishment of interstellar travel (reading this thread is optional, it just provides some background information on my space program), Space D (Not to be confused with Space K, which was founded by Elon Kerman and we are not associated with) realized they had begun to fall behind in the somewhat new and exciting industry of advanced interplanetary travel. Now with the Revelation Colony (see link at the beginning) on Q'uq'
  2. I used to play this mod in a previous version of KSP (1.6.something I think), and I have recently started to play it again in 1.8.1, and I have noticed that there are no longer substrate containers or the Netherdyne University. Are those supposed to no longer be in this mod? If so, what are the new alternatives to them? Also, just making sure, those parts would usually be under Utility, right? EDIT: Reading the above comments, when will these issues be fixed? Take your time, although I am still on hold for building a station. Also, would it be safe to send up the components of the st
  3. Okay guys, I know it has been a long time, but I have decided to return to KSP. Space D's (the space program that built the REVELATION) statement is as follows: While we were so busy and preoccupied on conquering another star system, we never conquered our own. But that will be for no longer, as we are excited to announce our Chapter 2 Megaproject, in which we will revolutionize interplanetary travel. We are introducing a new ship, The Gateway, an interplanetary mothership propelled by an Orion Drive, which will be used for most of our interplanetary operations. We plan on building coloni
  4. Any word on when there will be a version for 1.8.1?
  5. Although it isn’t really related to this thread, if any of you were wondering, I did some research, and the “laser” engine in the KSP 2 trailer is apparently a Daedalus engine, another type of interstellar travel capable engine. It could get to Proxima Centauri in less than half the time of the Orion (around 40 years). Although in my opinion, in terms of technology and cost, the Orion is a lot more practical.
  6. This should be the mod. The REVELATION BASE is capable of producing Orion Drives (as well as other spacecraft/spacecraft components/base modules) out of in-situ resources. The setup to produce Orion Drives off-world is very complicated, but I can explain it to you if you want. Also, it makes me more than glad to see others following in my footsteps.
  7. I doubt my achievement had anything really to do with any new changes. Let’s not get too off-topic. But hey, it’s still very impressive.
  8. I can see it now: PROJECT LITHIOS: The REVELATION’s bigger brother. Spanning over 600 meters long and housing over 80 kerbals. But, with the same basic technology. Space D (the space program that made the REVELATION) starts to die down, still receiving funding to assist the quickly growing and completely independent REVELATION BASE, and still doing advanced interplanetary missions, as a new competitor, Project Green, quickly rises superior. In a joint effort, they form Project LITHIOS, an attempt to send a much larger craft much, much further. Will they succeed at essential
  9. 1 week later... *Sees KSP 2 trailer* ”Aww crap, here we go again...” I now know when and how I will return.
  10. Here are some low quality pictures (taken from my iPad): At the very, very front of the ship is the Eeloo lander. The module just after that with the radiator panels is the nuclear reactor, after that is the education center, behind that is the main crew module, then there is the greenhouse, then LS storage, then that huge truss structure contains the lander, behind that is the water storage and comms array, behind that are the centrifuge gravity rings, then at the very end is the orion. All resources on-board get recycled.
  11. CHAPTER I: Introduction The kerbals have always dreamed of reaching the stars. Some said it was impossible. We said it was inevitable. Behold the REVELATION, the largest craft ever built by kerbals. Spanning over 400 meters long, weighing over 2000 tons, this behemoth can carry 50 kerbals, enough life support for the several decade long transit, and the supplies to set up a colony. It served one purpose: transporting the kerbals to another star system. It took around 4 years to build including contracts and recruitment. After years of construction, it was ready to set sail. Destinati
  12. I’m trying to find a good place for setting up a Colony on Q’uq’umatz (which I will probably never figure out how to pronounce), and I was wondering. Is there any metal ore for use with Extraplanetary Launchpads on Q’uq’umatz? To make a Colony I need a place with substrate, water, ore, and metal ore (I’m not sure if metal ore and metallic ore are the same thing). Is there any places that match those requirements? If Q’uq’umatz doesn’t have those things, does Harmony? Also, amazing mod by the way. I personally think the planets are beautiful. Edit: I found a place with all of
  13. I have found what might be a bug. I use this mod with TAC Life Support. For some reason, my kerbals are not producing enough waste to produce enough fertilizer to produce enough food. There is nothing else on board that consumes waste. Is this normal or is this a bug?
  14. I might try it later. Currently my philosophy is: “quicksaves are the equivalent to actually having the time to plan it beforehand.”
  15. Sure. So I tried OSE, and with a little experimentation developed this system: The Orion mod I use is https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/121597-13-project-orion-nuclear-pulse-engine-030/&tab=comments#comment-2195755 With Extraplanetary Launchpads, magazines with an Orion unit (full on Ablative Oil and NPU), it requires Enriched Uranium, Specialized Parts, Rocket Parts, and Material Kits. (No extra materials required) I can get Rocket Parts from EL. I can get Material Kits from OSE. I can get Enriched Uranium from Planetary Base System
  16. Welp, I figured out a way. I will leave this thread open for a bit longer in case any more problems arise. When I finish the ship, I’ll start a separate thread for it.
  17. I tried OSE. Doesn’t look like I can use it to build an Orion with my current mod, but, it can get me “material kits”, which are required in the Extraplanetary Launchpads recipe. Now I need “specialized parts”. Know any mods that can produce those?
  18. I tried that using ExtraPlanetary Launchpads. With the current mod I have, it says I need “material kits” and “specialized parts”. I know those have something to do with USI, which when I attempted to install it caused my game to crash in load up. Do you know any way to obtain material kits and specialized materials? I will check out that mod you suggested on OSE. The current mod I have is: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/121597-13-project-orion-nuclear-pulse-engine-030/&tab=comments#comment-2195755
  19. I am building an interstellar generation ship in low kerbin orbit, and it will use an Orion Drive. Yes, this sounds very ambitious, but it proves that interstellar travel is practical, as it will use current or near future technology. Once I finish it I may make a separate thread for it. But here’s the catch, I need a good Orion Drive mod. I already have one installed, but it does not fully meet my needs. My main requirement is: I need to be able to make it off world. I know, that sounds even more insane, but it can be done, and I need my generation ship to have a self replication factor.
  20. I’ve recently been looking for a good Nuclear Pulse Propulsion mod. Does this mod allow for off-world ISRU/production of nuclear magazines?
  21. Is there any way to produce more NPU or Ablative Oil off-world/in-situ? (using resources mined off-world) I am working on an interstellar ark that uses an Orion, and I want it to be reusable.
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