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  1. Here it is, my absolute first space station. The first module as well. More to come in the future, so stay tuned.
  2. I should've clarified before that I am playing career mode right now. So, if that helps with contribution of information, there you go.
  3. So, I've done some Mun and Minmus landings, so I at least have some idea of what I'm doing by now, which is good to know. But before I move on to Duna and Eve and whatnot, I feel like putting up my first space station in preparation for the aforementioned later stages. The thing is, I have no idea what to put on them or what to do with them. Some sort of basic introduction to space stations, as well as things like function and whatnot would be invaluable to me, as someone who's never laid a finger on them. A few mods I'm running are USI LS and Kolonization Systems, all of the Near Future
  4. Changed their roles from tourist to their original roles in the save file. Minmus landing saved! Now for the space station...
  5. Well, that seemed to solve the problem in the long run, but it seems my two kerbals still insist on staying as tourists. I can't change them back. Is there some way to directly change them back to their roles via cheats or modifying files or something? Or am I doomed to lose them?
  6. So, I totally glanced over the homesickness thing when installing this mod, and now I have two Kerbals on a collision course with Minmus and there is nothing I can do about it. I understand why to some it might be a fun mechanic, but I don't think I'm willing to fiddle with that kind of (to me at least) frustrating micro-managing. It'd be more understandable if it were to say, impose a penalty on crew performance, but outright denying control is just silly to me. So, is there some kind of way to disable the homesickness feature so that all I need to worry about is keeping my Kerbals in s
  7. I was doing a Kerbal rescue mission today. I rendezvoused with the stranded craft, and it was a lone viewing cupola. But since viewing cupolas don't have hatches you can enter and exit from, I couldn't get the stranded Kerbal out, and was unable to rescue him. Is there some way to omit rescue contracts from using things like viewing ports? Or could it be modified so that cupolas can be directly entered and exited from?
  8. Any alternatives to SVT? It hasn't been updated since April, and I don't know of any other mods that improve planet textures.
  9. Consider "Misfortunate Prime", since this car seems to have a knack for finding itself in trouble.
  10. I think for quite a long time I've always had an underlying love and passion for space and the universe, but only in recent years has that really become prominent for me. Only recently did I decide to study Astrophysics, and devote my entire life to this passion. I suppose then that KSP is (or perhaps isn't ) a good gateway into the vastness of the cosmos which I intend to explore to the fullest extent. Something about exploring that which is unknown is rather mystical, and pulling it off in the end extremely satisfying. But I think it would be inappropriate to say I know much about anyt
  11. I'm sure this has probably been asked before. In which case, my apologies. The suit textures that seem to come with the mod by default don't seem to be actually compatible with the new model. The default texture works fine though. Is there someone who has revamped the textures to make them compatible with the new model? Or perhaps mods that are up to date with the current model?
  12. Will this config still work if I don't have station parts installed, just in case I decide to not use it in the long run? Would it be safer to make a backup of my config instead?
  13. So, I assume the PBC contract pack is just included with the main download? Because that does not appear to be functioning for me. Even with the Contract Configurator installed and working without issue, it still seems to use the default contracts instead of the ones in your contract pack. All the boxes are checked for Contract Configurator in the difficulty settings, and none of them seem to correlate to your mod anyways. EDIT: Issue resolved. Turns out I was using a version that came out just a couple days before the contracts were added. Oops.
  14. Memes aside, the model used in said meme seems to have some pretty remarkable detail compared to the one used in game. Any chance the model could be made public for other potential content creators?
  15. Seems like this mod could use some new head replacements. Anyone working on any right now?
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