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  1. Greetings! This is my very first post in here, and I've already got a mod in progress! You see I've made a Code in VSCode to compile and a ready APU sound I've recorded and modified (removed ambient sounds n wind) to be used, and I want it to work with DECQ's space shuttle system. The problem is that I can't compile it due to Windows 7 not wanting to update to SP1 for drivers problems eventually making VS requiring it soooo whatever... this made me hit a dead end. Anyway, the only solution I've got is by getting anyone who made a plugin before, and compile the code for me (Text or .cs file) to a .dll. Note that I'll only provide it in private not in public, but the mod itself will be released as soon as it's ready to, and the guy who made this possible will be mentionned. Best Regards, Bayou M.
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