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  1. Hiya, just wanted to say this bug has now been fixed in the mos recent update. But i also wanted to thank you for the absolutely awesome way you reported and showed this bug. Made it very simple to find and patch. Sofie
  2. When we know what it looks like, and once everything that’s before it on the roadmap is done
  3. Alright well, without a screenshot or a log there’s very little we can do for you, if when you retuen to your computer the issue persists please do post these thing and we can help.
  4. Not yet no, this is coming at some point when the current revamp is finished. But we’re all busy people so i can’t tell you when this will be.
  5. Could you please share a sceenshot of the issue, it’ll help is identify the problem. Oh that’s weird, does everything look to be the right size? If so could you upload the KSP.log file that’s in your ksp folder?
  6. Currently there is only one way and that would be by downloading an old version of the mod. There is talk of it possibly making a return in the next version but there’s no word on when that’ll release
  7. Once you have TU installed and the correct reflection settings set. It will automatically apply, no buttons in the VAB or special configs. For textures unlimited to correctly apply the shader, your graphical settings should be: Reflection Texture Resolution: at least 256 Reflection Refresh Rate: at least Medium Render Quality: at least Good
  8. Modular Launch Pads has the 39a Falcon 9 tower and crew access arm. Tundra has a transport erector with an attach node for MLP’s tower
  9. You’ve most likely attached Mechazilla to the wrong node, place it on the highest node available.
  10. To be fair you had the model done by then. It just didn’t work lol
  11. white??? how did you do that one?? could you provide some screenshots of wht you are seeing and your gamedata folder?
  12. Long Story short, the module belongs to tundra as it was made for falcon 9. if tundra is not present we use the stock engine switch that only permits 2 engine modes, you could update your script to call this module if tundra’s isn’t present
  13. Consider me Incredibly impressed, The guidance for the ship could use some work in a couple places but those GUI's man those are magic to me.
  14. Yep, we’re still going. Albeit a little slowly as Kari is very busy at the moment. From these screenshots of your gamedata folder, you do not appear to have TexturesUnlimited installed. Also, Tundra does not supply TexturesUnlimited, you need to download it yourself.
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