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  1. Yea, it was the history and parts pack which only got us like a demo version of the making history pack.... but it for the full $10 of course
  2. Welp, now I wait Btw thanks for the info about the contracting
  3. bingo!! been waiting for years, we finally got some kind of a DLC a few month ago, but sadly no updates since
  4. that's a great idea.... but just having an orbit info panel would be enough for me. I play console so many times I dont know what im doing or where I'm at at all.
  5. Pretty much what the title says, many console players are forced to play an outdated, old version of kerbal... With little to no DLC's, mods or updates. I know this may be hard to do but can you make all editions of kerbal the same? I can understand no mods, but up to date updates and DLC's would be nice. (gotta be on target) thankyou.
  6. So I’ve scoured YouTube and haven’t found anyone who made a kerbal enhanced edition update video.... so I set out to make one Let me know what you think:
  7. Have you tried copying then pasting them in?
  8. Yea, just make sure you do it all in one flight
  9. ummm, im to lazy to dock so i always launch my stations in one go..... and i forgot where i put my stations, so..... no screenshots i guess
  10. this is pretty simple, make a stock weapon (no BD armory or any mods) capable of destroying the most objects in one launch. any Easter egg or in game object is fair game. RULES!! 1) game must be 100% stock (no mods whatsoever as they may hinder game preformance) 2) destroyed objects must be in game objects, not ships and other craft 3) You may destroy an object on any celestial body 4) If any object cannot be destroyed, hitting it with a projectile traveling faster than 100m/s will count 5) please submit in video form to this thread for grading. 6) any ties will be settled by the number of kerbals killed in the process 7) have fun with it and be wacky in your creations and submissions (who dosent want an ssto bomber) my personal submission will be uploaded to my kerbal channel and this thread next monday (04/01/2019) Leader board #1----- TBD #2----- TBD #3----- TBD note: don't scroll down to far, i went nutz with the spoilers and can't delete them..... (if a moderator is reading this, can you please remove all the spoilers?)
  11. there's a kerbal you tuber who i forgot the name of (helped me learn SSTO's tho) who's distinctive channel thing is that he uses math, and a lot of it, in his videos