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  1. Thanks for the answer, I went with the express guide with a squeaky clean install of 1.10.1 one thing i did different is added this mods(which looked online like they should be compatible) before the 1st run: "name": "EasyVesselSwitch","version": "2.1" "name": "KerbalEngineerRedux","version": "" "name": "Trajectories","version": "v2.4.2" "name": "KIS","version": "1.26" "name": "KAS","version": "1.7" i ran but when i saw that all the example craft files in sandbox are missing parts from bdb it seemed fishy so i closed the game properly(making cache) then uninstalled the aforementioned mods and ran it again, but it changed nothing. am i right to be worried or is that normal? related question, does RP-1 require the making history expansion to work?
  2. I'm getting ready for a clean install of ksp using realism+rp1+rss playthrough while I'm at it id love to check out the new version of the game but I see it's not yet officially supported 1. is there any crucial game breaking bugs in running the latest rp-1(express install) with 1.12.2? 2. in general if I want the best rp-1 experience what is the best supported/most stable version of the game to play with? thanks very much for anyone that will take the time to answer a ro nubie like me
  3. I have a few questions about the mod in respect to the new 1.11 update and new gameplay. i realize that kas is not yet fully supported for 1.11 but I'm sure I'm not the only one who plays on the latest version so i wanted to discuss how it is right now (lovely mod btw regards to the maker and maintainers made the game much more interesting as proven by the addition in stock ksp.) Is kas independent of kis (as some of the questions focus on kis and some on kas and I wanted to keep them together as one discussion of the future ) ie; can kas cooperate with the stock inventory or at least add a a way to transfer items from kis inventory to stock inventory as it now exists? one reason to keep using kas and kis is that in stock only some parts can be manipulated and stored. I'd implement a mm patch that will add cargopart module to all parts to solve this but I'm not sure how to add the weight and appropriate volume to each part. I really like the system of stacking kerbals lifting ability for heavier parts, maybe that can be add somehow to stock eva construction mode. in stock game the kerbal have a default drill without Carrying an item in the inventory can we have that option in kas for the engineer?
  4. sounds great much luck with that! by any chance do you know if the're any plans to integrate precise editor in the new 1.11 eva construction mode?
  5. honestly id be totally irretated like you if quicksave wasen't a thing.. i've gotten in habbit of quicksaveing every time im about to do something that can end up in a massive series of explosions. so if i make stupid mistake i just lose 5 minutes of work instead of a colony.
  6. I've had some problems with lag on my ow spec laptop so just went to the cfg file and changed "rotation" to 0,0,0 and it helped a lot with lag less cool but optics are basicaly the same
  7. I applaud your efforts and willingness for architectural code changes for better player experience that takes a lot of energy especially when you're collaborating with other dev teams that's what makes this game and player community so awesome.
  8. thanks very much for the answer just to clerify in ksp 1.8.1 I should use the latest smokescreen update?
  9. is the supported smokescreen version stiil 2.8.1?
  10. thers'e a materialKits cost to inflate if you don't have it onboard you won't be able to inflate
  11. I just came back from a 2 months hiatus from this game.. so I guess for me it has always been broken(since the kas update) XD
  12. it makes perfect sense. if one drill makes one thing it's 100% on it so it makes it 100% efficiently but if you want to make two things it's limited so it can only make them both half as efficiently as just the one and so on as of me I'm lazy and just want a monstrous amount of resources for off-world construction so I went into the config files of the drills and multiplied the existing heat transfer amount by the number of bays, works like a charm
  13. idk what happened I'm sure the debris we're getting deleted(left debris landed left physics range and it disappeared) but now it does save some debris so I guess I changed something and it got fixed
  14. I'm with positive production of colony supplies(produce more than consume)
  15. does colony growth go up with amount of colonization modules? because I noticed that if I have more then one onboard they all get stuck on 1y 24 days
  16. the save always keeps 0 debris and I checked the settings non 0 I suspect "stage recovery" but debris disappear on me even not on kerbin so idk.. this are the mod I have installed: "depends": [ { "name": "USI-FTT", "version": "" }, { "name": "CommunityCategoryKit", "version": "" }, { "name": "CommunityResourcePack", "version": "" }, { "name": "USI-Core", "version": "" }, { "name": "UKS", "version": "1:" }, { "name": "USITools", "version": "" }, { "name": "KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems", "version": "v1.6.8" }, { "name": "GroundConstruction-Core", "version": "2.2" }, { "name": "KSPRescuePodFix", "version": "" }, { "name": "ModuleManager", "version": "4.0.2" }, { "name": "USI-LS", "version": "" }, { "name": "ConfigurableContainers-Core", "version": "" }, { "name": "Konstruction", "version": "" }, { "name": "Trajectories", "version": "v2.2.2" }, { "name": "ExtraPlanetaryLaunchpads", "version": "" }, { "name": "SCANsat", "version": "v18.10" }, { "name": "AT-Utils", "version": "v1.6.2" }, { "name": "ClickThroughBlocker", "version": "" }, { "name": "FirespitterCore", "version": "v7.12.0" }, { "name": "KIS", "version": "1.18" }, { "name": "KAS", "version": "1.1" }, { "name": "KerbalAlarmClock", "version": "v3.10.0.0" }, { "name": "EasyVesselSwitch", "version": "1.10" }, { "name": "TriggerAu-Flags", "version": "v2.9.3.0" }, { "name": "KerbalEngineerRedux", "version": "" }, { "name": "ContractConfigurator", "version": "1.27.1" }, { "name": "Toolbar", "version": "1.7.18" }, { "name": "FMRSContinued", "version": "" }, { "name": "BULB", "version": "1.3.4" }, { "name": "ActionGroupManager", "version": "2.2.4" }, { "name": "ToolbarController", "version": "1:" }, { "name": "SpaceXLegs", "version": "2.8.4" }, { "name": "RecoveryController", "version": "" }, { "name": "PreciseEditor", "version": "1.1.0" } ] }
  17. is this problem with machinery related to the fact that you can't transfer machinery in local logistics?
  18. I noticed after using mks with it's "governor" slider in every part I'm missing this option to control rates in the stock isru parts/drills there's an "efficiency bonus" variable in the module "ModuleResourceConverter" so I just need to add a slider to control that within the game but after looking into the part files in different modes to try and reverse engineer the function I can't find A. how to add slider into parts gui B.how to add it by using mm patch I would really appreciate the help if someone have some more idea on this
  19. then you can cheat with a very long aeroplane
  20. is the "land" section supposed to be working? because it shows blank and if I had section from landing to the hud they plain don't show
  21. honestly it's maybe cheaty but attaching new solarpanel would be such an hassle I just change the status of the solar panel in the save file under deployState = from "BROKEN" to "EXTENDED"/"RETRACTED"
  22. something that I don't get in kas system and I hope someone can help me with please why is it that even though there's an option (b/n) to raise and lower the part is does but once you tryu to connect to node it resets to default position? I would like to be able to connect to node with option of location of part but it doesn't let me
  23. wow great work and response,do you want me to get on github with the technical details or did the bug replicated by you also?
  24. the "going to orbit" part was anecdotal. but I can empty as many times as I want the kerbal's eva propellant and refuel and the jetpack stays full I guess it's a bug
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