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  1. Where were you based at?
  2. I much rather be in controlled airspace, I work at a G and it’s the Wild West most days.
  3. Should have just jumped and launched it all “I’m still gonna send it” style.
  4. Gliders would be sweet, here in Florida we have plenty of thermals to keep you up all day.
  5. Haven’t played Destiny 2...I never liked the first one..Mainly because I can’t rain death from the skies like I do in battlefield....Nothing like going 40 to 1 and having the entire enemy team trying to bring you down....Muwahaha!
  6. I have my instrument rating too but in the heli world we just say IFR means I follow roads
  7. It’s a normal procedure you have to learn...I probably do at least three autos a day with my students.
  8. Nice! Well if you need any input from a current pilot then hit me up...I could give you some ideas on the current functions currently used on some of the systems.
  9. Yea I’m a heli instructor, trying to get some fixed winged ratings as well.
  10. RockKrawler


    Hey all, So how many real world pilots do we have here? I’m a commercial helicopter pilot and flight instructor.
  11. I’ve discovered that page with MAS kOS it’s pretty useful...You’ve created tons of options and I’m discovering new things every time I put something new in..Its a good problem lol. I haven’t even converted and other ASET props over to MAS because what you already have seems to be more than sufficient for a traditional jet cockpit. Hopefully I’ll get my first IVA wrapped up soon enough.
  12. Not sure if it exists because I’m still learning with your system but maybe mechjeb setup for aircraft autopilot (heading and altitude holding) through IFMS...I’ve just seen orbital options and haven’t quite figured out how to make the buttons active at the moment...I do love the primary flight display for space planes with the attitude indicator and altitude and airspeed tapes. I’m a pilot in real life so I do love the realistic set up.
  13. That’s why I live in south Florida lol.
  14. I figured it out, I’m liking the interfacing of MAS. Do you have any suggestions for a plugin tutorial?
  15. Hi Ruby! Hmm I like a lot of other games, battlefield and some other FPS and real time strategy games too like the total war series but KSP is my favorite lol.