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  1. So would anyone be interested in something like a Surface to air missile pack to add on to BDA? I’ve recently started to work in blender and I’m designing a SA-1 “Guild”(First Soviet SAM) Mainly because it has a fairly simple body to build...This would be my first real project so the learning curve is steep, I’ve only partly modified cockpits in unity before so building something from the ground up is new.
  2. Well damn....Looks like I need to restart my realistic jet cockpits project again lol
  3. Cool cool yea I was trying to make more realistic cockpits for aircraft using the ASET parts about a year ago. I’m a pilot too so was looking to make some nice commercial cockpits with a whole lot of instruments and warning lights etc....I haven’t opened unity in a while. Can’t even remember how to import and open the files lol
  4. Sweet thanks! Wasn’t sure if unity created the config file...I’ve been thinking about just adding some more weapon types to BDA...I know they have the 9mm submachine gun a Kerbal can have in their inventory. I think it would be cool to equip a Kerbal with a MANPAD (man portable air defense) launcher such as the US stinger and or the Russian Strela...I’ve also be thinking about more Surface to air missiles such as the SA-2 guideline. I used to work with these weapon systems when I was in the Army so just trying to put my knowledge of them to practical use..I know nothing about plugins and what
  5. Awesome thanks!....I was thinking about making a few BDA compatible parts...Is there any resources on the coding? I’ve messed around in the config files to adjust things but writing one from scratch is something totally different.
  6. Ok so question...I’m tweaking some of my config files and just wondering, can you add a targeting reticule to rockets? I’m doing it for another BDA compatible mod but can’t seem to add a reticule to Target...It seems AI won’t fire unless it has a reticule...Is it in the config files? I’ve been searching through all of them but just don’t see a line for it. Thanks.
  7. I’ve been kicking around maybe creating MANPADS like the stinger and strela or even a version of the Harpoon but I’ve never modded before...I have the unity program but what program would you use to creat the 3D models?
  8. Ok, so I’ve been playing around in the config files for the HVAR and Tiny Tim rockets...Got them to work for the most part...The problem lies in the lift factors I think...I replaced the HVAR lift factor with the hellfires and replaced Tiny Tim’s with the maverick lift number...I also boosted the HVAR boost phase to 50 KN...I’m still tweaking the Tiny Tims boost setting to make it more realistic...The HVAR was designed to reach around 400 m/s on launch...The boost phase seems correct at 1.5 secs with 0 thrust for cruise...I also changed the weapon type to ballastic rather than bombs...If you k
  9. I noticed that too..I went into the config files to see if I could tweak it for myself..The HVAR has waaay to high of a lift setting, same with the tiny Tim...I lowered it quite a bit and now they are acting like rockets but not accurate...It’s listed as a bomb so BDA is treating the rockets like bombs...I don’t know much about config set ups so it’s just trial and error at this point
  10. Where were you based at?
  11. I much rather be in controlled airspace, I work at a G and it’s the Wild West most days.
  12. Should have just jumped and launched it all “I’m still gonna send it” style.
  13. Gliders would be sweet, here in Florida we have plenty of thermals to keep you up all day.
  14. Haven’t played Destiny 2...I never liked the first one..Mainly because I can’t rain death from the skies like I do in battlefield....Nothing like going 40 to 1 and having the entire enemy team trying to bring you down....Muwahaha!
  15. I have my instrument rating too but in the heli world we just say IFR means I follow roads
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