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  1. ah i see , thank you for the fix. and thank you guys for your continued work and support for this mod , it is one of my favs.
  2. Hey. I downloaded NAS for KSP version 1.4.5 (had to revert from 1.6, because i knew i wont work with the latest version of the KSP client). however after installing the mod , along with the other required mods needed for NAS. when i go to the hangar , nothing from NAS loads up. i installed it fresh on a 1.4.5 version of ksp with the prerequisites and nothing. i have used NAS before during KSP 1.3. a while ago. No matter how many times i install the latest NAS to the 1.4.5 client , it just wont load anything in the hangar for NAS, it loads just the normal standard BD armoury stuff. Any suggestions? all the other mods i installed have worked, just this one that wont. shame cos its one of my favourite mods and i would love to play it again. Kind regards...and thanks.