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  1. That's one way to think about it. I would say, that the pressurized part of a fuel tank has rounded caps. When you stack one on top of another, instead of building one continuous pressure vessel, you waste space in between them. I do understand the strive for consistency though. And don't actually mind this minor detail.
  2. I think Twin Boar is too silent too. On the other hand, the Rapier engine is way too loud. Same goes for other airbreathing engines, although Restock doesn't touch them. Edit: Oh no! These 180° rotations cancel out! What have you done!?
  4. I got a contract to send a Torch engine to Minimus, so I decided I'd do this with 0.625 parts only. And who said you need a separate engine for each stage?
  5. This makes me sad But then, I checked the features section in this thread and all the references to Making History parts mentioned replacing MH with Restock+. At this point, I have no idea, what was I talking about in the previous post. I'm so confused! Anyways, with the "issues" on GitHub displaying plans for a 1.875m heat shield, and 5m decoupling thingies, I'll leave this subject alone, as I can't even comprehend it. Even more so, when I found out that the "advanced mode" in the VAB/SPH part selection menu allows me to build this monstrosity: Frankenstein would be proud.
  6. The new models and textures are used to replace the MH parts in exactly the same way stock parts are replaced. The RS+ part is hidden so as not to pollute the part catalog. *snip* Since no one has brought it up since: I thiiink that it's "backwards" not because duplicate-functionality parts are hidden, but because it's the Restock parts that are hidden. Why not hide MH parts? It's an unusual choice, is there a deeper reason behind it?
  7. I really needed a shielded junior docking port, so I used the newly hollowed nosecone as a cover:
  8. So yeah, the Spark shrouds are gone where they should, in the 0.1.1 release, so Ants decided it's their time to shine. This time I'll submit the issue to GitHub. Terriers are freaking out too, in my campaign. I have messed with them though, so I think, I should deal with it on my own. Just in case though, I'ma say: I have fixed my Sparks and Terriers; prior to 0.1.1, manually. Ants didn't require my attention, as they were just fine in 0.1.0. Edit: I've just added a comment to the interstage fairings issue. No need to add a new thing, it seems.
  9. That's rather hilarious. See what happens, when you put bug spray into your save files. Please, tell me I didn't break the engine shrouds though! I apologize to anyone who decided to use my solution. And thank you for the MM patch, manually crawling these files can be a nightmare. Edit: You're not alone, someone must've been really tired. That's for the Spacedock, GitHub works totally fine for me.
  10. Restock+ does add thrust vectoring to the stock SRBs though, doesn't it? Not that I'm pushing for the translation controls, who even needs such silly things?
  11. Until one of the modders comes with a more elegant solution and better-written instructions, you've got me. 1. I found that the retractable panels can be fixed by retracting and deploying again (good old computer stuff trick). I figured, if I force the non-retractable panels to retract, I'll be able to fix them. I went to the quicksave.sfs, changed "EXTENDED" to "RETRACTED" and deployed them again, in the game. So that's dealt with, even though it does take some effort to fix every panel, on every vessel, manually. 2. As for the shrouds, you need to know two things: a) KSP can fix minor errors in the save files, b) shrouds freak out because they have wrong names in the save file (Restock added more variants, calling for more names). To apply this knowledge to the dreaded shroud bug, you go into quicksave.sfs, find your craft, find the engines, and delete "ModuleJettison". When you load your quicksave, KSP will add the module back, with an appropriate shroud name, resolving the issue. You could just change the shroud name to the correct one, you would need to know what is the correct one first though. Example ModuleJettison, delete all the stuff marked with the red "circle". On second thoughts, it's probably enough to delete just the "activejettisonName = xxxx " line, I didn't check if it works though.
  12. "All rights reserved" I wish you guys a long reign! Maybe Squad will wanna buy Edit: What about Real Plume? I assume it's a good idea to get rid of it for now? Sorry, if it's not the right place to ask this question. Edit2: I found some minor bugs. Entry costs on the first research node got all bamboozled in my career playthrough, when I unlocked these parts, no funds were drained from my account. Curiously, all the other nodes behaved perfectly normal. In the second screenshot, you can see some Z-fighting in natural habitat, as KSP loaded two models simultaneously. This one fixed itself after clicking the little change variant icon. So yeah, no biggie, I thought I'd drop it here anyway. Edit3: And of course, there is the elephant in the room: PaRaChUtEs aRe sLiGtHly tOo NarrRow aT tHe BaSe! How dare you!
  13. Apart from all the controversy, I think that's what the game should look like. It's a shame that KSP handles all these cloud/atmosphere fireworks that badly.
  14. Thank you. I have already found that little settings section in persistent.sfs, after it occurred to me that gamedata isn't the only place you can put such a thing. As for the ore thing... I just didn't know how to use the stock UI here and went straight into assuming that there is a mod to blame. A quick Google search revealed, that I wasn't the only person with this hilarious problem, that shouldn't exist in a well-designed UI. Just put a damn checkbox there, devs!