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  1. Demonstrated functional altitude for heavy-duty spacecraft (*) - FTL Beacom Orbital Location by planet (in thousands of kilometers): Moho 9300 Eve 29300 Kerbin 15000 Duna 15000 Dres 15000 Jool 294000 Eeloo 15000 (*) They use six stacked Advanced FTL Drives.
  2. No problem. errare humanum est
  3. Lago Akatsuki A body of liquid at 3200 meters. in Eve? Is it another Lake Titicaca? What is the surprise to arrive and find that there was never a lake and there are some fragments of land with the denomination of "Lake Akatsuki" distributed among the overheated Peaks quite a distance from each other. Maybe a joke or just the overt reluctance to rate biomes accordingly? Or do we continue to blame everything on Kraken? Luckily there is the Kraken, it would be sad to recognize mistakes.
  4. My list: If the designs (ships) are needed, they will notify me and we will see how I send them. ( Kedex )
  5. I'm going to upload some examples. In the first series, I take a series of designs saved in Subassembly with a new VAB editor. The design in question is the "Venusino III" with a number of important pieces. I can bring it without problems, I can re-call another design "Venusino III" without inconvenience and stack them. Now I'm going to perform another stack: "Bus con frenado aerodinamico" (the third one on the list ). At the same time I will stack the pre-design "Spider" to which I must rotate to assemble it. It can be observed that there are no problems beyond that the cap does not add up because it is pre-armed. Please note the piece I have selected in the second image of the next series. New situation. I select the design listed as "Boya FTL". The design is turned over to the editor with the problem, the engine, which is the root, appears separated from the rest of the body of the vehicle. I proceed to correct by unifying the design. I save/re-record it, delete the VAB editor to new, and proceed to select the "Boya FTL" that brings back the same part separation problem. I note that all designs, those that work and those that fail, share pieces of the same mods.
  6. In both situations. I design a vehicle, and I keep it on the VAB list. When I select it in blending mode to add it to a new design, what you have observed happens. Similarly, if I save the design as "subassembly" and select it, the same thing happens. This also happens when I start the design to "new", bring the vehicle with its parts completely separated or stacked in the wrong way. My impression, which at the time of saving, erroneously records the relative position of the pieces. I have just noticed that when at the time of design, I duplicate a set of pieces, the same mishap happens, changes the spatial positions and totally breaking the original design. They obviously have a serious problem.
  7. OMG! About ten days ago when I picked it up I found the same problem. I reinstalled the BSP again and rechecked the last installed mods (last three months) without being able to detect where the error was coming from. Now I confirm that it is obviously another of the problems of Bugs Space Program....
  8. Laythe Thank Mods - DanGerous Systems With Jool and Kerbol on top. All on the ground! Moments before the eclipse. Other
  9. At Eve's highest point. ( 7542 mts. ) Critical location information:
  10. KSP es inestable por naturaleza. Debes preveer tener backup y puntos de control a fin de no perder toda una campaña. Eso te va a desarrollar los músculos necesarios para soportar el KSP2 que está desarrollado en la misma plataforma.
  11. It is clear that the promises to sail in a Trasatlantico have been futile, at most we will have to be content with a raft of tied barrels ...
  12. For that and for youtubers the KSP is great, especially for assembling marvin the Martian type ships, but nothing more than for it.
  13. What do I want from KSP2? Easy: Don't have the burden of errors and horrors that KSP1 has had. Bugs that have not stopped to fix and abandoned in the KSP1.
  14. Want to hear from me? Why? Did they correct all the flaws in the KSP?
  15. Brillante! Es la causa por la cual no soy capaz de hacer videos. Selección de momentos, imágenes, banda de sonido, ajuste de tiempos... simplemente supremo.
  16. thanks for what you did. Too bad you were great.
  17. Si no usas el SAS es suicida.... Más fácil? Anotate estos canales: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVBxic53ktUbUCblbFYegDQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq_QMLGDNLbG5QZuKFEMO2g Si te haces una maratón, en 24 horas te vas a Eeloo.
  18. Best regards! I don't know what the implementation of the "surprises" will be and if you're there, but it would be nice if, as it exists in KSP1 the Memorial, a Class F or G asteroid named Collins is located in orbit to Mun. Something similar should be included in a low Kerbin orbit, called Yuri.
  19. Yeeeepppppppppppppppppppp..............................................................................................................................
  20. Yep. Probably looking at the results, there may be a change of course, until the possibility of changes in the marinery... Things that wouldn't reflect well on labor network pages...
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