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  1. Already talked about this on the ksp2 discussion, but I also would like to see ksp1 with it, underwater parts, making underwater bases, hybrid submarine-plane ships, exploring underwater with friends on luna multiplayer and more things, ksp has a really nice looking underwater but nothing more, no corals, volcanoes, nothing, just sand and ships that need a lot of ore to dive or a really good design, imagine ballast tanks, underwater propellers, underwater bases and more things, I can just imagine a rocket landing near to a shore on eve, Laythe or Kerbin and deploying a small submarine that explores the ocean, then docks back and leaves, how amazing would that be, but for now we dont have that, we have space parts, air parts, land parts, but wheres water parts? I will be really happy if I ever see "ksp 2.0 - 3.0" etc "the underwater update".
  2. Something almost no one mentions, I would love to see more water based parts, for example ballast tanks and a better looking seafloor maybe? I would love to explore underwater volcanoes and it would be even more amazing if every planet had different things, for example: Laythe could have underwater corals or something like that, kerbin would also have them but more, eve could have volcanoes and chemicals pouring off the seafloor because its so hot, I would simply love this and would add something more to every planet than just "Landing there"
  3. Boyster, I literally just fixed it by changing the hdmi cable, and now, 3 minutes after I did, I read your reply, So thank you! anyways...
  4. GeForce experience doesnt detect my ksp, is that normal. Also my nvidia control panel says the current drivers are not supported by the app
  5. So, I was playing ksp and realized that the game was laggier than before, so I decided to try to find out why, after a few minutes I noticed that ksp was using my intel video card, so I changed the card to my NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 and I launched ksp, Instantly I noticed something weird, the screen on the main menu was kinda wobbly, but I though it was nothing important, then I make a new world and noticed that the screen updated slowly, like some sort of rolling shutter, (I had mods installed at that moment, so I took them off) And the effect was still on the stock ksp, 0 mods. I re installed ksp and the thing was still there, so I start to mess with the ksp settings, enabled vsync, disabled it, reduced fps limit, increased it, set the ksp to fullscreen and windowed screen, Updated my card drives, restarted the computer, search youtube and internet for an answer, and I decided that after 2 hours trying to fix this, I would just change back to my intel crappy video card, And guess what, the screen tearing dissapeared, So now i have to select 1: Unplayable modded and annoying stock ksp thanks to screen tearing or 2: Unplayable modded ksp thanks to lag, but without the screen tearing, after 1 more hour of messing around, I decided I would make a forum post to see if anyone could help. Heres what I mean with "some sort of rolling shutter effect on screen" This is how it looks with stock, Its not unplayable, but noticeable This is how it looks with mods, Its unplayable, and impossible to make a film with.
  6. Although there are so many replies saying that ksp is supossed to be a singleplayer only game, I just wanted to try to give an idea about how to fix the time warping issue and what WOULD happen if squad added it. I honestly would like a multiplayer and many other people would, But i still doubt that it will be added, thats why I said at the end "but I dont know if this will be another idea that will be forgotten" but in my personal opinion I would love to see a multiplayer ksp, I Just want to share an idea.
  7. Ozymandias_the_goat. Remember what I said, once you timewarp every player will dissapear from your screen unless they syncronize. Duna will stay on the same side for player 1 when player 2 time warps, to syncronize wih player 2, you will NEED to be on a stable orbit or have landed without moving, then you will syncronize and duna and the other planets will instantly move and rotate to match player 2's subspace. And razark, shouldnt squad just make some sort of poll for players to decide what to add, in that way, we can see what the mayority wants, and the ones that dont like the new solution will have to accept it, the solutions to theese problems are like doors that lead to the same thing.
  8. I have seen many people that say that multiplayer is hard or impossible due to one thing... timewarps... Now, to fix this, I took the solution that luna multiplayer used and modified it a bit. Let's say you are playing with a friend, and you are going to go to duna and you time warp, this will place you in something called a subspace a moment in time different to the other player's time. Every other player will dissapear from the map, its like if you were on another different empty world, to find players, they will have to click on a button that will let you syncronize subspaces, lets say you are 1, and you have friend 2 and 3 2 decides to time warp 10 mins into the future, he now dissapears from the map, you, get into a stable orbit or stop moving and syncronize subspaces and now you can interact with 2, but since 3 did not syncronize, now he is not able to interact with you in any way unless he also syncronizes. We can also add a friends system, a username system, a little list that shows you available servers and a downloadable file to make your server ,customize it and run it, you can add a password to make it private, add a feature to spectate other players and a live chat window. Change your server gamemode, select which mods are allowed in your server or disable them entirely, add a moderator system that lets you ban players or kick them, prevent trolls by making your vessel private, you cant switch to it unless you have a password, select how many players can join your server, also prevent any problems, you cant change into a subspace that is in the past. Theres a ton of possibilities for this game to have a multiplayer, it will definetly make alot of people happy and should be taken care of by patching any bugs that are found. But i dont know if this is just another idea that will be forgotten, but honestly though, it would be amazing to have a stock multiplayer with servers will 10 or more people at a time.