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  1. Is there anyway we could add that option to see craft that updated by date?
  2. Hi I have a request. Is there a way to modify the GIGAN "Cargo Dragon" part so it has a less capable flight computer? I play with community tech tree and have only unlocked the OKYT which only has SAS assist and the HECS which has SAS assist and SAS for Prograde and RetroGrade. GIGAN "Cargo Dragon Flight computer is end game capable, but You unlock the GIGAN "Cargo Dragon" very early in the community tech tree. All I am asking is some info on how to modify the GIGAN "Cargo Dragon" part so I can reduced it to what I have unlocked. Thanks.
  3. I would like to see Solar Sails in KSP2.
  4. Dude. No Apologies needed. You have my Great thanks for this MOD!!!!!!
  5. Some issue found me after upgrading from to 1.7 Issues: M key does not work to go into map mode. If try an exit the game it just hangs such that I have to end ksp via task scheduler. Going back to removes the issue. Updated via CKAN I miss not having this mod is the final issue. I love it. Also there was no "The plugin records troubleshooting data in the "<KSP_OS>\KSP_Data\output_log.txt"." I think that my be rerelated to the fact my ksp has "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data" and may be the plug is trying to write to a location that does not exists. Scan of all files under ksp did not find a "output_log.txt" See I read your doc's ;-) Installed mods: "name": "ModuleManager" "name": "CraftManager" "name": "KerbalEngineerRedux" "name": "PreciseManeuver" "name": "KXAPI" "name": "BetterBurnTime" "name": "RCSBuildAidCont" "name": "ClickThroughBlocker" "name": "ToolbarController" "name": "DraggableNavball" "name": "KerbalAlarmClock" "name": "TriggerAu-Flags" "name": "FinalFrontier" "name": "PortraitStats" "name": "CommunityTraitIcons" "name": "WaypointManager" "name": "IndicatorLights" "name": "ASETAgency" "name": "FlagPack" "name": "LSPFlags" "name": "OrbitsUSFlagPack" "name": "AntennaHelper" "name": "BasicDeltaV" "name": "EasyVesselSwitch" "name": "ReentryParticleEffect" "name": "NavHudRenewed" "name": "ReStock" "name": "unBlur" "name": "PhoenixIndustriesFlags" "name": "Trajectories" name": "StationPartsExpansionRedux" name": "B9PartSwitch" name": "NearFutureProps" name": "CrowdSourcedFlags" name": "CanadianFlags" name": "RealPlume-StockConfigs" name": "RealPlume" name": "SmokeScreen" name": "LightsOutRelit" name": "PlanetWiki" name": "KSP-AVC" name": "CameraFocusChanger" name": "ScienceSituationInfo"
  6. @Stone Blue and @Morse I finger fumbled the version numbers in my previous post. I meant 2.4.1 to 2.4.2
  7. Hey I just updated from Precise Maneuver 2.4.1 to 2.4.2 (finger fumble the version number I was talking about when I first wrote this today) (I really do me 2.4.1 and 2.4.2) , now I get issues where I can not create Maneuver nodes after a playing for a while. Restart of KSP seems to fix the issue. Any one else see something like this. Happens again I'm going to roll back to 2.4.1 to see if the issues goes away. Love the MOD!
  8. Just want to say thank you for all this work!