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  1. Hello. I seem to have an animation issue with the Communotron DTS-R4 because deployment doesn't work properly. Deploy Limit is set to 100 but the antenna does not want to extend. There's some action going on but in a shaky matter. Full deployment can be done manually if you slide Deploy Limit down to 0. Antenna remains shaky I'm currently in KSP 1.7.3 both DLCs in career mode. Kommunotronski 16 and Probodobodyne QUBC "Warbler" are working fine.
  2. Although it's a real treat to fly planes now, I noticed a little inconvenience. If you want to switch Flight Mode (from normal to cruise for instance) the game freezes and makes a full stop. You can continue by hitting esc and resume game. This only happens the first time when switching modes. After resuming the game MAF runs like a clockwork and you are good to go
  3. Can't think of KSP without ReStock. Is it compatible with Textures Unlimited?
  4. Outer Kerbin should be compatible with Outer Planets Mod, right?
  5. I'm addicted to this mod since it came out. It works just fine in KSP 1.7.1. However, there is no target indicator and no 'mouse circle' in KSP 1.7.3. You are able to enable MAF and the aircrafts react like they should, but there's no visual display where the mouse and nose are pointing at. EDIT: My mistake. Had MAF 1.1.1 installed, MAF 1.1.2 works just fine.
  6. Nah, of course not I expected pizza home delivery daily for one year @capi3101 is right. You can switch on/off 'No Entry Purchase Required on Research' in settings before starting a career. My last KSP experience was like 1.3, don't know if it was possible back then. Just noticed price differences in two very similar mods and wanted to let you know that. No problem with that. For custom decals: Must xxx.png be on blackheart\Flags or on Squad\Flags with correct path in mainTextureUrl and would you recommend a different resolution for each sticker (512x256-stickerbig, 128x128-stickermini, ...for example)? It's a bit confusing for me, I'm sorry.
  7. Hi blackheart612. Im currently playing a career in KSP 1.7.1 both DLCs and want to give this mod a shot. Just wanna know if its intended that the decals are that expensive to purchase? Also installed ID Flags and Decals by Vexillar. For comparison: NEBULA Decals Continued are 100 bugs to purchase. For reasons of justice
  8. Got the same issues as Korb Biakustra. Air brakes and gears are a bit weired too Works fine with SSTU though. Did you fix it, so you can have Restock installed?
  9. Man, this is great! Can't get enough of Secret of Tiki Island Keep it up