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  1. If you are not happy with the skybox, maybe these can help: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8kxxrcdaa1fpjz/skyboxes.zip?dl=0 its been a while i tested them, but they should be compatible with 1.8.1.
  2. Thank you for updating this mod. Just feels better to have a grid for alignment
  3. Yes, Re-Stock and Re-Stock+. The patch helped out. Thank you very much kind sir.
  4. Got the same issue. Happens only to stock (Squad) antennae.
  5. Hello. I seem to have an animation issue with the Communotron DTS-R4 because deployment doesn't work properly. Deploy Limit is set to 100 but the antenna does not want to extend. There's some action going on but in a shaky matter. Full deployment can be done manually if you slide Deploy Limit down to 0. Antenna remains shaky I'm currently in KSP 1.7.3 both DLCs in career mode. Kommunotronski 16 and Probodobodyne QUBC "Warbler" are working fine.
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