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  1. I swapped the definition in the .cfg file... As you might expect it seriously borked the mod and had to be reverted. I ended up just going into the module manager config and manually deleting the requirements for Precious Metals and Minerite from the recipe. So while it is working, it does mean every time it gets updated I will have to redo it.
  2. I am not sure what is going on, but for some reason the separate parts command doesn't seem to be working for me (holding 'H' while left clicking). I am also getting some weird behavior where when removing a part from a Minmus base either the part fails to move if I try and attach it to a node, or the entire base gets moved and clipped into the ground. It seems to randomly effect some parts and not other identical ones. I have been trying to work around it, and bringing replacements from KSP sometimes works, sometimes not. It isn't until they are on site I can determine if its going to work. Has anyone seen this before?
  3. I did use CKAN to install it... but who knows it can get glitchy. And FWIW the path is \Kerbal Space Program\GameData so if anyone else has this issue don't go digging thru the subfolders it is in the GameDat folder directly. In my case name = Classic Stock . I changed it to CRP and will see if that resolves the issue. So I switched to CRP and is still is looking for Precious Metals for some reason. I have a lot more options for omni-Storage now, but none of them is the elusive PM.
  4. I don't know actually. I cannot bring up the menu because Alt-P brings up a winch control window from some other mod (not sure which)
  5. Very fair questions, but that's not the problem. Even in the VAB if i go to manage operations for a Castillo Depo I cannot add Precious Minerals or Minerite for warehousing space. No where else except in the recipe for equipment do these show up.
  6. I am having an issue, that in order to use an omniconverter to print equipment I need to have Precious Minerals and Minerite. But there is "no definition" of them. I cannot access the options menu via alt-P because it just brings up a winch menu. Is there another option to fix this?
  7. So that didn't seem to work. I added what you put as an additional module, and the below screen shot is what I got. https://imgur.com/a/yLdnu5g The complete .cfg is below.
  8. Does this get saved to the .cfg for the OPT-J Mobil lab? If so can I ask why the change includes stuff about inflation?
  9. I am not positive this is a bug, but I think so. I play with both OPT and Pathfinder installed but on a ship with the OPT-J Mobile Lab there is no ability to start an experiment with the Pathfinder interface. I looked at MM and didn't see any module installed for it, but I am very shaky trying to read config files like this. Would it be possible to have this added to the lab? I hate having to carry around a 2.5m mobile lab just to handle this.
  10. I am having an issue with the interplay of Pathfinder and OPT. The OPT J Mobile Lab does not have the ability to act as an Experiment Lab like the stock mobile lab does. Would it be possible to add this function?
  11. I found a bug in the MK2ISRUDrill. For whatever reason it was causing a huge amount of drag on the order of 10 times the drag from a short MK2 cargo bay. Adding the following to the .cfg file seemed to sort it out and drop the drag to where it should be. MODULE { name = ModuleLiftingSurface useInternalDragModel = False deflectionLiftCoeff = 0.35 dragAtMaxAoA = 0.15 dragAtMinAoA = 0.1 }
  12. I appreciate that you aren't supporting Firespitter, but do they conflict? I would like to add OSE Workshop Reworked but it has Firespitter as a dependency.
  13. I have this installed, but I don't seem to be able to do anything with it. Civilian Kerbals do show up to be hired, but if I send them to a base with a University/flight school/Theater they don't seem to interact with them at all. Also I don't see any parts with food or water, and the farm doesn't seem to have any onboard storage for them either. After reloading, I am also missing the toolbar icon... Could this be an install problem?
  14. Is there any way to get a NON-modded version of the Cargo bays? I absolutely love the mod but I run a very SSTO heavy program and the hanger only version of the cargo bays is crippling. To document the issue. After installing Hanger, my entire crop of Mk3 SSTO's seem to have gained an immense amount of weight. Even empty a plane that used to launch 2 orange tanks to orbit easily, now can't break 350m/s. I don't see any additional drag trails, so I am assuming it is a weight issue, but I guess there could be a hidden drag component as well, I am not sure. Edit: FWIW I edited the hangar/MM/Squad.cfg file and removed everything below line 80, and the parts seem to have returned to normal. Obviously without the hangar capability. Just to confirm the issue is with the Hanger mod and not some weird conflict elsewhere.
  15. Is there any way to speed up the transfer of stuff? With 10 and 20m fuel tanks it can take a very long time to move fuel around?
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