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  1. This is related to the server side problem and can be solved. But don't know how to solve.
  2. Well, I am again here to discuss with you all. This is good that you are on the battlefield. I think it is similar to Destiny 2.
  3. It simply means that doing the work outside the home.
  4. From where you got this idea? amazing
  5. I totally agree with all your point, as I said previously, playing games on PC is easy as it supports high ends graphics video game.
  6. I am shocked how this is going to happen, I think everything is stored in the cloud storages and one can have access to all the gaming files. I think playing games on the PC is quite compatible.
  7. I am so happy that I am here in the best place where there are good people around which are like an inspiration to others.
  8. I simply want to know which platform do you use to play this game? All the glitches and stuff depends upon the system I supposed.
  9. Hello, guys, I am also new here and one thing to get open to all is to introduce yourself, Well, I am Ruby and I also like playing a video game like KSP, FIFA. Most of the time I used to play the simulation video game, other than a video game I also like Sketching and outdoor activities. What about you all guys?
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