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  1. In the original mod, the Sequencer wasn't available in VAB/SPH because it couldn't work properly, in editor a lot of things like the physics aren't fully simulated. I saw this problem too when I tested it so I was thinking about remove the sequencer button in editor and obviously assure that modifications of sequences made while in flight are saved. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. The great ZodiusInfuser is here, I feel blessed ! Jokes apart, I edited the topic's title this morning, to disambiguates it even more. I wouldn't waste your time so do it only if you have time for it .
  3. It's compatible with Infernal Robotics Next, never tested it with the original IR mod, I'll edit my first message to disambiguate it
  4. Hi everyone, if you fall here, know that the new thread for the Sequencer mod is here : Have a nice day.
  5. Hi everyone, if you fall here, know that the new thread for the Sequencer mod is here : Have a nice day.
  6. Infernal Robotics Sequencer development sequel This mod is an Addon of Infernal Robotics Next and will not work without ! And obviously needs Module Manager (not included) Hello everyone ! From today, I'll now assume the maintenance and continuation of the Infernal Robotics Sequencer addon for Infernal Robotics Next, with the courtesy of @Rudolf Meier. Even if I have some exprerience as a software developper, I'm very new to modding and KSP modding so I count on you to report on this topic every mistake that I could have done to ensure the quality and transparency of my work. Let's talk about the mod ! Reminder of what it does : This mod works as state machine that allows you create and play sequences of servo movement commands and special commands, like GoTo, Toggle ActionGroup, Delay and Wait. (Very useful for all your mechas) What will happens : First, I'll stabilize the mod, by maybe reworking some parts of the code and release bugfixes based on issues you could report on this topic or GitHub. Then, I'll work on improvements of existing features or adding new features if possible. (If hou have ideas, share them with this topic, you're welcome) Huge Credits to @ZodiusInfuser, @erendrake, @Ziw and @Rudolf Meier for their previous work. Download: Source: License: GNU GPL version 3, 29 July 2007. How To Install As long as the mod will be in rework, I highly recommend to delete the previous IR Sequencer folder each time a new version will be released in case file names change, so that the old files don't stay and create weird things in-game. Otherwise, just copy the content of the MagicSmokeIndutries folder inside the existing MagicSmokeIndustries of your GameData folder. As said above, report any problem you could encounter with the mod in this topic or open an issue on GitHub, I'll work on as soon as possible. Enjoy !
  7. Thank you, it's an honor. I'll start a new thread soon.
  8. Hi, @Rudolf Meier ! Today, I discovered IR Sequencer when trying Infernal Robotics and saw the mod didn't works well with 1.6. And because I really wanted to play with, I spent my afternoon to fix it on my own. As a result, the mod is fixed and I modified a bit the file tree. So, what I would like to propose to you, if you agree, is to make a fork of your git repo, and continue the dev and maintenance of IR Sequencer, so that you can allocate more of your time to other mods. If not, I could just push my fix on your repo, still if you want. Regards.
  9. If anyone fall here, know that IR Sequencer is actually broken. I'll work at fix it, I'll start a new thread when it'll be ready
  10. Is this topic still alive? I installed IR + IR Sequencer and use a core probe on my craft but the sequencer button doesn't appear.