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  1. @NavyFish Glad to hear you're still keeping it up. Two questions: 1) Since I intend to figure out how to automate KSP addon deployment anyways (because I want to learn to make addons and also I'm lazy) would you like a walkthrough still when I get it working? 2) Is there any official documentation on this plugin or do we just read through this 56 page long post? Only reason I ask is because I don't know what "RMP" is in your changenotes...
  2. I'm still working on moving, but I've done a bit of research and this looks completely possible. I'll keep reading up on it and when I get where I'm headed next (mid-April) I'll clone the repo and see about automating the build/release process. Then I can work with you to walk through setting it up. Any chance you could either give me a rundown on your steps to go from code-change to release on ckan/spacedock/wherever, or else point me to a post where you've done this already? Automating builds I can do, but I've never actually built a KSP mod, so I'm not sure what all goes into it from code to release. Thanks!
  3. @NavyFish does the possibility of setting up a Continuous Integration/Release solution with your repo exist? If so, with the right configuration it'd be possible for you to log into the CI platform and hit "run", and it'd automatically pull the latest source, compile it, publish the artifacts back to github releases, and even update CKAN. I'd be willing to help set this up after April if not before then.
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