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  1. I only really see the memory problem. Like you I have 32gig I just save and reboot. Still I Kerbal II is taken priority?
  2. Now I know this has come up before. So sorry to revisit it. I have gone back to playing KSP after some months in Elite world. I have installed latest update and updated all the mods that i am aware of. Now after playing for 3 to 4 hours. Ram starts at about 6 gig's Then Increases over time to double. Current game running since 0800 this morning to just now 12:46. Ram now 15.6 Gig's. Ouch. Now the game runs fine but when in the assemble building it gets very lagged. So I just Save and reboot. After 3-4 hours who cares. Is this an introduced bug or an ongoing issue. Or indeed a Mod Issue. Anyone of the three I guess. Thought I would pop in and get peoples reactions. Regards Stephen AKA Lankspace Space Fairing Kerbal.
  3. FLAME MODE Why do I still have to use a magnifying glass to see the details in the map screen. On a 4k 40 inch Hi resolution monitor I still get this STUPID small font with distances and name id's that cannot be read. Yes you can change the nav ball and Icons and some of the text size. But the stuff that really matters like trying to get the details of a target or map details I have to use a magnifying glass to see. and even then it is not easy. I hear you say switch to a lower resolution. BUT THAT DOES NOT WORK EITHER. This is a Hi res screen grab at native resolution. Try reading the Green text at the center of the screen. This INMO is very important. For get the Gimmicks get this sorted.
  4. Hi Guys thanks for the help Yes I use the for sci mod and Mechjeb what would i do without it. I have solved my problems now did a trip to minmus last night and picked up 1500 sci points. I must be loosing the plot. My age you know. Thanks again. Got some new tips as well. So Interesting. Regards Stephen.
  5. My normal gameplay go to minmus 1st. then to The Mun. But I have always done it with a Command Mk3 Pod cannot seem to get enough sci to earn that. Still will jeb and a scientist to minmus in the two man capsle and see what turns up.
  6. Hi Guys, Have you made it more difficult to get SCIENCE in KSP career mode? Ok let me explain. I play only this method 90% of the time. I never play with Planes. Only things with rockets on the bottom. The only time i go near the plane hanger is to play with rovers. Since I loaded this new version 1.8. I started a new Career I an Buggered if I can get past the point i need the 3 person Command pod. I have the two body one. I have done all the tricks of using Kerbals to eva take samples every place i can think of launched sat's to do basic scans ect. But now I just cannot get anymore sci? So do i have to play with planes? I hope not. I know there is the cheat options and the other play modes but this is how i like to play. When I experiment I use all my modes and I have progressed up the tree a lot over the years. But when a new version comes out I like to start from scratch to see if there is anything i have missed. So my question is WHAT AM I DOING WRONG <Grin>. Thanks for any help. I love the new deploy-able Sci Toys.
  7. Ok having spent most of the day debugging I can now report. This is the snip of my mods dir with the ones that do work. Mechjeb up dated to latest. But Firesplitter and B9PartSwitch Cause Grief B9 in particular. I have a Total of 26 mods installed running AOK. Updated Mechjeb and Taisier Space Research. All others work as it says on the Casing. Regards Stephen. The new Textures look good too.
  8. Hi guys. Updating to 1.8. Bombs system. With all my mods installed. If I take out about half of them then KSP 1.8 works aok. So conclusion DO NOT BLAME SQUAD! or TAKE TWO. Two of the mods that Bombed were Firesplitter and B9PartSwitch Hope this helps guys. I have not debugged the rest yet. Been all morning trying to get this fixed <grin> Hope this helps someone. Regards. Stephen. Next Job is to Identify which cause failures and inform modders. OH JOY.....
  9. Hello using version Did think it could be Machine. i.e Virus or spyware But no this is not it. So at a bit of a loss. Would it help if i posted DXDIAG.TXT ?
  10. Is there a memory sink in kerbal space programme only when using it for 3 to 4 hours it really slows down, the machine I use has extremely high spec and 32 gigs of RAM with M.2 drives when looking at the resources the memory doesn't seem to be that high a couple of gig's so could it be the sink is to do with video memory the video card in use is a NVIDIA 1080 with 8 gig of RAM it's only a thought it's not that much of a problem as all I do is reset the machine every couple of hours I just thought you ought to know. Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. Yea thanks for the tip I was aware of this. I had made the ship so complex it was difficult to get into the guts. Oh what oh great forum this you get answers really quick. Thanks people. I will try out mod. as to my clumsy RCS fault fixed it...
  12. Why is the VAB so small I need to build a ship with a bit of height, but it seems the vab is too small. So we have a discrimination against tall people have we. <smirk> Also I want to make some changes to my ship. Like oh dear forgot the RCS but it keeps seting them to 3 not 4. So have to STRIP ship down to the start build then do it all again. which took nearly an HOUR. THIS IS A DAMM, pain. The Sub assembles saves are of only help in certain situations . Grrrrr.
  13. Aw well that sorts that out Thanks. I take it there is an upto date version !
  14. Anyone seen this on starting KSP with Mods? Take the mods out the stupid little men stop there acrobatics? Screen shot follows. Yes they move. OK fingured out it is MODULE MANAGER. If who ever does this Mod please clarify your stupid dancing icons?
  15. Yes this is my understanding of the system I just wanted to clarify, Thanks.
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