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  1. Hello, I wanted to ask if i could use the model "cryoengine-125-2" (the RL10B2 with the extendable nozzle in RO) as part of my unofficial mod. I wanted to use it as an tripropellant engine and your Modell with the extendable nozzle was the best one I found. The mod aims to increase the amount of (near) future chemical rocket engines in Realistic Progression 0/1 at the end of the tech tree.
  2. Hello, I have tried to design a very small Spaceprobe, when i saw that the Mass of it more than doubled when i tested it inflight. I have then experimented a bit, a the weight bonus is added to every Command part ingame inflight (+49kg). I am using a RSS/RP1 install in KSP 1.3.1 (via CKAN) . I have tried to trace it down to to a Mod, it should be somewhere in the RP1/Realism Overhaul in their dependencies. Ckan Modlist is linked there: . This bug, which is obviously greatly hurting my ability to make small Stages and Probes, can easly reproduced by just launching anything with a command unit. Thank you for your time Keineahnung4010 Edit: Picturesfolder: Edit2: Logfile: Craftfile1: 1.craft?dl=0 Craftfile2: 2.craft?dl=0