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  1. Appears to be a purely cosmetic thing. In the contracts display all the elements were marked as incomplete. As soon as I completed the last task everything was marked as complete again. A little annoying because for quite some time in that mission I was repeatedly quicksaving and restoring. Eventually I gave up on that because it was just too tedious and then found out that it is purely a cosmetic bug.
  2. One of the contracts I am playing with at the moment is the "Supreme Eve 4 Rally". The steps are to, with a single vessel, fly past the Mun, fly past minmus, fly past Eve and lastly land on Duna. I have completed the first three steps but every time I am en route from Eve to Duna at some point Kerbal marks the first three steps as incomplete. Or at least the little green completion ticks disappear from those steps in the contract list. Anyone else noticed something similar?
  3. On the principle that 10 000 hours makes an expert it's not something that I want to think about. For the time I'm putting in on Kerbal I could have achieved so much!
  4. Normally to rename a vessel I would fly the vessel right click on the controlling component and then can redesignate it appropriately, which is quite useful when I land a rover and Kerbal decides it is still a ship. Tidying up some stuff I find that I have a probe in the tracking station which is actually just a piece of debris. From the tracking station I can see "Minmus rover station 1 probe 1" But when I go to it this is what I have; How do I rename that?
  5. Playing this last night I decided on a new approach while in career mode. I'm not going to go through the overhead of deorbiting all the junk but I will occasionally launch a bank of tugs and then immediately terminate that mission. At that point I have spent enough resource to warrant going into the tracking station and terminating 8 pieces of junk of junk that it could reach. Eight because that simulates a failed capture leaving both the original piece of junk and a tug in orbit. That now adds to my simulation a resource cost in leaving junk in space.
  6. Same here. Kerbal in career mode, no mods installed, making history installed but I'm not using that right now/ KSP updated this evening and now any kerbals on EVA can not go anywhere. They can do EVA reports and collect surface samples but there is no way to get them back into a craft.
  7. It works. The debris grabbed .... and deorbitted .... and now having proved that it works I shall ignore the whole thing because there is a lot of overhead in doing that for every piece of debris. Far better to design them to deorbit themselves.
  8. I'm trying this as a way to tidy up some of the junk that I have left in orbit ... It's basically a big rocket carrying a framework which carries ten tugs each of which has a small fuel tank, rcs, remote control and a grabber unit. I won't use it for everything bunt I just wanted to see if the concept would work. I may have put the radial decouplers on back to front (well actually the right way around but I wanted them back to front but it should be fine as a proof of concept)
  9. I had my first collision with debris today. I know the space around Kerbal is compressed compared to the real world but I was still surprised to have a collision.
  10. Merci. I had assumed that the dv values would default to vacuum and built in a margin of error on that assumption. On the plus side it did mean that my craft had huge margins of error!
  11. Since I have started using delta v maps to try to help plan my missions I have noticed that the delta v shown while in the VAB and while in flight are inconsistent. For example I have created a mission to carry a satellite into orbit around the Mun. According to the delta v maps I require about 860 - 1170 m/s of delta v for transfer to the Mun and orbit insertion. So I create a craft which has a stage with a delta V of 1251 m/s However when I get into orbit around Kerbin and have just that stage it shows a delta v of 2962 m/s Why is there this discrepancy? and how when building in the VAB do I know what my craft's delta v really is?
  12. If I am testing various designs of spacecraft is it possible to put a craft directly into orbit around the Mun so that I can try various lander designs etc. without needing to go through the whole process of launching from Kerbing, Munar transfer, insertion etc.
  13. Exactly that at above about 1200 ms-1 the craft is prone to overheating. But for most craft that I launch by the time I hit that velocity I am so high that it will still not overheat. The shuttle would throttle back as it passed the sound barrier. That has more to do with shock waves across the craft than atmospheric heating which is only really an issue on descent and not ascent.
  14. In the real world there is a maximum launch velocity for a spacecraft before stress / strain / heating from air etc would destroy a craft. Looking at the tutorials in KSP Wernher Von Kerman advises throttling down the craft on take off presumably to avoid those problems. However in KSP I have almost never found any of my spacecraft show problems even if I leave the throttle on maximum. Generally by the time I am hitting 1200 ms-1 which is the point at which I would start to see problems I am high enough that I don't see problems. Is there a practical reason (in KSP not the real world) to not just put the throttle to 100% and go for it?