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  1. I take inspiration from the Culture novels of Iain M Banks. So my most recent craft have been called the "I can see your house from here" and "Two's company, tea's a crowd" ... it does make it slightly confusing sometimes.
  2. Not sure what GOG is but I've already gone through steam - though I see that the kerbal store pages seem to have come back online now.
  3. So if squad's "store" pages are currently broken. I guess steam is the only way to buy this. Is there a difference between buying it from steam or otherwise?
  4. I've been playing the demo version for a while and decided to get the full version. So I follow the links from the demo version and the websites all fall over. A bit of investigation shows that some pages work some don't. Searching around the pages on the web site that do work seem to only refer to editions running on Xbox or playstation. Googling points back to https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com or 3rd party sites selling steam keys (which sounds a bit iffy). Ignoring the 3rd party sites and going directly to steam finds kerbal there but I thought that kerbal was not a steam game but running on a unity engine directly on the PC. I have played a few games on steam but they have all depended on a network connection. So; has kerbal now become a steam game Is there a non steam and steam version? If it is on steam does it depend on a network connection (I expect that to be no but let's ask anyway) and most importantly of all ... if the get full game link off the demo doesn't work how am I supposed to buy this thing? Thanks in advance
  5. Is there something strange about the kerbalspaceprogram.com web site? I was trying to install a full version from on my main pc here so I followed the links from the demo version only to get a bad gateway error. If I go to the web site some pages work; but other pages on the same web site return a 502 / gateway error Is this something at my end, their end or some weird page specific routing issue? Edit to add - it seems to be the support and store pages, which I suppose could live on another server somewhere.
  6. My first serious attempt at a space station using just KSP demo; the big problem is of course that in demo that has to be launched as a single structure which makes for a rather cumbersome and unstable launch craft; https://kerbalx.com/jnbspace/Space-station At launch it is 541 parts and 300 tonnes. The orbiting station is 151 parts and 20 tonnes.
  7. I will get the full version soon but for the moment I'm just setting myself challenges in the demo version. So far I have managed Mun and Minmus return missions and now my challenge is to get a return mission to the Mun with four kerbonauts aboard. A lesser and easier challenge is to build the lowest mass craft that can get to a stable orbit about Kerbin.
  8. Hi people, just joined to see if I can understand a little more about KSP. At the moment i use the demo version and juqstify it to my wife by insisting that its an educational tool for my tutees and any GCSE / A level students we have visiting the planetarium. (I run a planetarium as my day job!) jb