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  1. Can't say it anny better than you did. The console needs it even more than the pc. The pc has mods to do this for the players, we don't have this luxury. Ksp for console is a game made for us that know our calculus and physics. I have tried this to share this game with friends but it always come to the point where they start asking me about the numbers and calculations. Even if you know how to do them, you have to be changing between your computer and console inbetween every change you do to you spacecraft. Can this really be the intention??????
  2. I keep getting blues screen while building 265part 7 stage rocket. I can't play this way. I have to keep redoing stuff.
  3. ... So what's the date for the 1.7 with the precision manouver and dV release for Consoles???? I want to keep this pleasent people, I don't want to be unpleasent, but I am very talented at it . Just saying lol
  4. gonna try it on a few houre , get back to u with results later today
  5. Idk if it works for u, but the mapping of things works for me when I remove the cursor and use the highlight method instead.
  6. Hahaha I had installed the dlc and thought I was playing the updated version and suddenly it tells me that it has just been installed LOL. I and I was saying how much better it was and stuff and it had not yet been installed yet LOL, there u see people. Tricks the mind plays on one self lel
  7. Wooooow it's Awsome.!!! I feel great about this. It's almost as if those high school years never happend!
  8. Wow, I was not counting on this level of Awsome. Gonna be playing so hard tommorow, my controller gonna need a heatshield
  9. I found this on reddit. Just found this on another post about the issue! Email from SQUAD Support: "Thanks for writing in! We are aware of this bug and have managed to reproduce it; we found that it gets triggered after recovering a vessel that transmitted science data while equipped with either 1 or 10 goo canisters or Science Jr modules. If you use anywhere from 2 to 9 of them, or 11+ goo canisters/Science Jr modules, it is not likely to occur. Also if you do not transmit the data, and instead "keep" the data for when the vessel is recovered, it did not occur at all.
  10. It's so much stuff, almost like 1/3 or 1/2 more the stuff we already got.
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