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  1. Could you add craft files for the modules? (Including russian ones) Because i wanna do a youtube ISS series, you will get a shoutout and more if you collab.
  2. Good, cause im in the middle of an ISS build, and i am kind of relying on the habtech1 parts
  3. Nearly, got a few calculations wrong when it came to delta vee, but i was able to complete face 1, 2 and 3
  4. THE SSTO CHALLENGE: The human's have polluted earth, The sun is very big now, what can we do? I have the answer: Go to space. A lot of companies down at earth are competing to find the best solution. -Spacex's solution: Build an SSTO and fly it to mars -ULA's solution: Build an SSTO and fly to the moon, maybe its cold and dark, but its close -Blue origin's solution: Build a single stage orbital colony, and let earth restore itself whilst we live in space -NASA's solution: Build an SSTO to pluto, it will never get eaten by the sun. You choose which solution you believe in.
  5. The parts on the station are pretty sensitive when it comes to temperature, so i will probably build a big craft with a cargo bay then reenter the whole thing. THANKS ALL FOR HELPING, CASE CLOSED
  6. I know, but i would like the whole station back if possible, but i haven't successfully launched a space shuttle yet
  7. Mods list: Animated decouplers, B9 part switch, CollisonFX updated, Commnet antennas + Extension, Community category kit, Community delta V maps, Community resource pack, Comunity tech tree, contract configurator, Cryoengines and cryotanks, decalc'o'mania, deployable engines, Distant object enhancement, dynamic battery storage, Easy vessel switch, Stock visual enhancements (Requires EVE to work) Fill it up, IDflags, Janitorscloset, Kerbal atomics, kerbal engineer redux, Kerbal GPS, Kerbaltek, Kopernicus, KSP-AVC, Mechjeb, ModularFlightIntegrator, Nearfutureprops, Reentry particle effect,
  8. Ok, so... I launched a space station core into orbit, then i realized that i forgot to add a crew hatch, and i had by mistake put two kerbals on board. So i would like to ask Matt Lowne to help. I would like to: * Have my kerbals back * Have the station core back for scientific purposes (Use a shuttle for this) The station VV I hope @Matt Lowne would help
  9. I have this problem that i want to try RSS/RO but still have my 1.6 game. I saw that you could have multiple ksp's downloaded at once but i just dont know how, can anyone help?
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