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  1. Is there any way to temporarily disable KCT w/o mucking around with the mod files in the Gamedata folder? There are some saves that I do want to use KCT on, and some that I don’t, but I don’t want to have to repeatedly uninstall and reinstall KCT.
  2. What is the orbital velocity? I would think 600m/s sounds about right for a more-or-less vertical drop: atmosphere doesn’t slow you down that much. Scratch that, I usually (w/ stock) decel to ~=200m/s w/o chutes IIRC. The parachute does most of the work below a certain speed (though I don’t remember for sure being AFKSP at the moment.
  3. Thank you, and I wish you best of luck on your PECS project. If I had more free time and more experience, I would offer to help, but alas, I have neither in appreciable quantities.
  4. Agreed! (just getting back to KSP now that school is winding down.)
  5. I don't follow the last part? Also, how would you create a patch for this? I don't have any modding experience in KSP or otherwise, and only minimal coding experience.
  6. Can the vertical speed/hover menu for NF Aero VTOL engines/lift fans be used for other mods that add Helicopter/VTOL parts?
  7. I think NF Aero has a vertical speed/hover control for their VTOL engines/lift fans. Is there any way to appropriate that or something similar?
  8. How do you make helicopters? Mine keep sliding along the ground and flipping over.
  9. Log pages 1-5 of 1246 How much of the log is needed? The whole log is 6.6MB. I do have it on a Pages document. I can put it on a textedit or Word doc. Okay, logs in textedit are 330KB. Better enough? IDK.
  10. Log and Mod List in spoilers, I don't know what other data I need to provide. Any Ideas on what might be causing this?
  11. Well for some reason it’s a massive PitA for me: Dad said the only software that was more difficult to install was a clean Windows install— on a Mac.
  12. Oh my god this sucks. How am I supposed to download new versions without having to download it all over again? FYI I don’t have Steam.
  13. When will 1.7.1 be released? I screwed up my 1.6.1 KSP file and I don’t want to have to go through the manual install slog twice in a short time. On a related note, when will the godd**n LAUNCHER get fixed? It would really help non-steam players (like me).
  14. Well, it may have been that my search was too vague, ‘orbital mechanics’